What happened to the life of Hayden Christensen, the actor who played the teenager Anakin Skywalker? – Spoiler Time

After playing one of the most famous characters in movie history, it seemed certain that Hayden Christensen would become one of the great stars of Hollywood, but it was not like that. What movies did you make after Star Wars? How long did you go without acting? What is he doing now? We will tell … Read more

Hayden Panettiere announces her ex-partner Brian Hickerson

imago images 1/5 Hayden Panettiere has found the strength to report her violent ex-partner Brian Hickerson. Teton County Sheriff 2/5 The police arrested Brian Hickerson. DUKAS 3/5 Should Brian Hickerson leave the prison on bail, he may not approach the actress more than 100 meters. image 4/5 In addition, Hayden obtained an injunction against him. … Read more