“Father turns in the grave.” Only light solutions are sought, it will be even worse, Bukač annoys

The Beijing Olympics ended with the elimination of the Czech hockey players before the quarterfinals, the worst result in history. After that, the president of the union, Tomáš Král, admitted that even a foreign coach can now be in the game for Filip Pešán’s place. A debate ensued that outraged Luděk Bukač Jr. According to … Read more

“Shut up.” Hrubec shouted at his partner, then broke the bad luck. The Czechs are attacking the Olympics

Finally. The Czech hockey players broke a difficult series of seven defeats this season and pushed the Swiss 2: 1 into the raids in the second Olympic performance in Beijing. Simon Hrubec closed the goal, erased all five shooters and broke the personal penalty curse. “We needed it like salt,” he breathed. Before leaving for … Read more

Jágr wrote Ledecká’s congratulations on Olympic gold. It dominates the Soviet Union, he said

Earlier, the playing owner of Kladno, Jaromír Jágr, returned to the Knights’ group and was able to enjoy a win in Mladá Boleslav 1-0 in overtime in the finish of the 43rd round of the extra league. Jágra is pleased with how the team has risen in recent weeks, which was confirmed by the fourth … Read more

The Czech hockey players also managed the second match at the Olympics, Sweden was broken by Vanišová

The Czech hockey players also succeeded in the second match of the Olympic tournament in Beijing, when they defeated the Swedes 3: 1. Tereza Vanišová has won twice and Klára Hymlárová once. The Czechs repeated the result from the opening match against the domestic Chinese. They developed a two-goal lead, which was reduced by Emma … Read more

Slovakia has nine hockey players from the Czech extra league nominated for the Olympics

Nine players from the Czech extra league got nominated by Slovak hockey players for the February Olympic Games in Beijing. The team of Canadian coach Craig Ramsay has three representatives from Třinec and Kometa Brno. There are two 17-year-old talents in the staff – defender Simon Nemec from Nitra and forward Juraj Slafkovský from TPS … Read more

Fifteen university hockey players are taking the US to Beijing. But there is also a double draft among them

The United States hockey players nominated fifteen NCAA players to nominate for the February Beijing Olympics. Among them is striker Matty Beniers from the University of Michigan, who was chosen by NHL newcomer Seattle last year. Two hockey players were taken by general manager John Vanbiesbrouck from the lower AHL and eight members of the … Read more

Erbanová will not go to the Olympics as a hockey player, she did not get to the final nomination

Twenty-one hockey players, who took part in the women’s national team’s progress to the Olympic Games in November, coached coach Pac Pacina in the final nomination for the February tournament in Beijing. The bronze Olympic speed skating medalist Karolína Erbanová and Andrea Trnková did not fit into the squad, and Tereza Vanišová and Michaela Pejzová … Read more

We play, bet and cook. Pastrňák spends Christmas with his family, he regrets the Olympics

Czech hockey gunner David Pastrňák from Boston spends extended Christmas holidays in a wider family circle. He welcomed the visit of loved ones from the Czech Republic during the pandemic situation in the world after more than two years. The 25-year-old NHL top scorer regrets that he lost the opportunity to start at the February … Read more

Interruption no, delays possible. The Extraliga already knows how to deal with the Beijing Olympics

The absence of NHL hockey players at the Beijing Olympics will cause problems for extra-league clubs. The Czech highest competition will continue according to plan during the February tournament, but there is a real possibility that the matches will be rescheduled. The director of the competition, Josef Řezníček, told Radiožurnál. “The Extraliga will not stop, … Read more

Goalkeeper Hrubec did what he could in Moscow. He is unhappy with the menacing series of defeats

Although he could be satisfied with his performance, goalkeeper Šimon Hrubec was very disappointed after the Channel One Cup. “I’m ashamed we didn’t play anything here,” said the 30-year-old goalkeeper. Compared to Karjala in November, the Czech team scored at least one point, but finished last again, leaving a sad impression. All the more so … Read more