scary! 4 big asteroids heading for Earth, 2 are coming tomorrow

JAKARTA – Earth increasingly uninhabitable due to exploitation by humans. However, recent research has revealed that this endangered planet can actually be cured. The way to do this is to slightly shift Jupiter’s orbit, says planetary scientist Pam Vervoort of the University of California, Riverside. “If Jupiter’s position remained the same, but the shape of … Read more

Is the United States heading for a “serious” economic downturn?

Our readers are Facebook users You can now follow the latest news for free through our Facebook pageClick here to subscribe Three out of five Americans say the United States is in a recession, according to the latest survey conducted by The Economist and YouGov. So why isn’t it officially announced? Rising inflation – the … Read more

Straka failed and put Pilsen under even more pressure. Varaďa is heading to New Jersey for an internship

“If I had reached out to the coaches like this, I wouldn’t have let them start the competition,” Kézr wonders about the timing of the premier exchange on the extra-league substitute in the season. What could have caused the end of Baďouček and Říha and why are their successors Kořínek and Bombice in an unenviable … Read more

Update at 12:00 GMT

Par : Norbert| Key words : Section,| Updated on 18-09-2022 Here is our “News Update” section at 12:00 GMT: – – – Egypt to raise Suez Canal tolls in 2023 CAIRO — Tolls for transiting the Suez Canal will increase by 15 percent for all types of ships and 10 percent for dry bulk cargo … Read more

Up to 100,000 people. “Caravan of Light” heading to Europe? – o2

“Caravan of Light” is an initiative that has become loud in recent days. It all started on September 8, when a dedicated channel was created on the Telegram messenger. It includes messages addressed to refugees who want to take part in the march to EU countries – these include, among others, messages about routes and … Read more

Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Re-released, First Time Heading West • Jagat Play

 Which horror genre gamer has never heard of Fatal Frame before? While most survival horror games rely on firearms or sharps to survive, Fatal Frame comes with a unique weapon – the Camera. Considering that she comes from Koei Tecmo, she is also famous for her eye-catching female character designs, which in some series … Read more

A 911 inspired by rally group B is heading to the road. And it’s a blast!

One restomod after another is now adding a Porsche 911 inspired by rally group B. Behind its production is the company that helped Porsche with rally specials back then. We’ve been having a blast lately with those Porsche 911 restomods, haven’t we? And since there are so many of them and none of them belong … Read more

Alert! Huge Asteroid Heading For Earth, Approaching Tuesday

Asteroid Illustration / Freepik JAKARTA, An asteroid is heading towards Earth but according to an official statement released by NASA, there is no reason to worry. Asteroid which is named Asteroid 2022 RQ is very large but will disappear from Earth in a considerable distance. According to the latest calculations, the distance between Earth … Read more

Gold rises with the weakness of the dollar and is heading for a small weekly gain

Gold prices fell Thursday, September 8, while investors awaited the statements of US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and the European Central Bank’s decision on the expected interest rate later today. And gold fell in spot transactions 0.1% to $ 1716.59 an ounce by 06:09 GMT, after rising by about 1% on Wednesday. US contracts … Read more