Elipse-col, the seroprevalence study technique in Barranquilla

This Monday, the National Institute of Health (INS) –together with local authorities, academic and research institutions– released the pilot of the Seroprevalence Study in Barranquilla, with which it seeks to establish the behavior of the SARS-Cov2 virus in this territory after having passed the first peak of the pandemic and that a large part of … Read more

On video | The ‘Paths’ to strengthen the health system in Barranquilla

Guaranteeing timely and quality medical care for Barranquilla residents has become the Primary objective of the District with the process of modernization of the public health network, which continues to advance and plans to benefit more than 170 thousand citizens with new hospital projects. Since 2008, the district administration has been working to build a … Read more

Cuban recounts her mother’s experience in a US hospital and it goes viral

A Cuban woman recounted on social networks the experience of her mother, who had just arrived from the island in the United States, receiving care in a hospital in that country, where the old woman hid a pain in her chest so as not to “cause a gigantic expense” to her daughter. The story went … Read more

About nicotine pads “snus”, which students can easily buy on the “Instagram” profile – Kids – Egoiste

Addressing the residents we met in Riga, we show several photos showing small round cans with several small packages. There are several options – shoe polish, tea bags or candy. True, all these conjectures turned out to be far from the truth. At first glance, the seemingly innocent boxes contain nicotine pads, sometimes called “snus”. … Read more

The first batch of quadrivalent influenza vaccine arrives in the Vladimir region

Influenza vaccination of the adult population will soon begin in the hospitals of the Vladimir region. Experts emphasize that due to the coronavirus pandemic, getting a flu shot is now especially important On September 2, 183,844 doses of influenza vaccine were received at the pharmacy warehouse of the Vladimir region. For now, only for adults. … Read more

“Epic moment for Romagna”

Everything is ready for the national admission test to the single-cycle master’s degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, which will be held on Thursday in Bologna. The Alma Mater, which will host the test at the Bologna Fair, this year will activate two new degree courses in Medicine on the Romagna Campuses, in Forlì and … Read more

Swabs at the border: the Italy-France agreement to protect themselves from the virus

The circulation of the virus is growing in the rest of Europe and Italy is considering protecting itself, according to the scheme already adopted for Spain, Croatia, Greece and Malta. Since the heavier situation at the moment is in France, the idea is to impose the buffer also on all those who return from that … Read more

Goodbye superticket, public health costs less

On Tuesday, September 1st, the superticket disappears after nine years. This is the tax that added a quota to the traditional ticket, which remains in force, and was introduced by Berlusconi and Tremonti in 2011 (even if in truth they had made a 2006 provision of the Prodi government operational). In recent years it has … Read more

Trump to Announce Deal With Abbott Laboratories for 150 Million Rapid Covid-19 Tests

President Trump is expected to announce a $750 million deal to buy 150 million rapid Covid-19 tests from Abbott Laboratories, a White House official said, a move that would substantially expand the nation’s capacity for rapid testing. The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday granted emergency-use authorization to the company for a $5 rapid-response Covid-19 … Read more

“Words are about reforms, but deeds against them.” Professor Gruntmanis leaves Latvia “For the sake of Ēķele and Ērglis”, Minister reveals new details – Society and Politics – News

“Vinķele and Ērglis are the reason why we have to leave. These are people who are in words about reforms, but in actions against them,” says Gruntmanis. He adds that “we had moved and hoped to never leave again, but Vinķele and Ērglis did everything possible to prevent this from happening”. According to Gruntmanis, in … Read more