Taiwan opens an office in Lithuania with an official name and not Taipei. China dubs initiative “extremely heinous act”

“The Taiwan Representation Office in Lithuania officially starts its operations in Vilnius on November 18, 2021”, declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this territory, which is autonomously and democratically governed but whose sovereignty is claimed by Beijing. Although most countries do not officially recognize it, Taiwan has de facto embassies in several nations, which … Read more

Witness: A heinous crime in the middle of the street shakes Egypt

A heinous crime shook the city of Ismailia, Egypt, after a young man slaughtered another and cut off his head in the middle of the street, for reasons believed to be related to honor, and the incident occurred in front of passers-by. It is noteworthy that the victim is named (Mohammed Al-Sadiq), aged 42, while … Read more

Here the heinous crime occurred.. The first pictures of a young man’s slaughter site in front of the

04:44 PM Monday 01 November 2021 Books – Hossam El Din Ahmed: Masrawy publishes the first pictures of the site of the heinous crime that took place at the intersection of Al-Bahri Street and Tanta Street in the center of Ismailia, after a young man slaughtered another in the middle of the street in front … Read more

A new documentary exposes Britney Spears’ father…and reveals his “heinous act” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A documentary film produced by the New York Times revealed that the father of the famous singer Britney Spears assigned a security company to eavesdrop on her phone calls and text messages during the guardianship imposed by the court since 2008. Alex Vlasov, a former Black Box security employee who worked with the … Read more

Chronology of the heinous act of gouging out the eyes of a child in Gowa, the Ritual of Sacrifice, Pesugihan Parents

DESKABABLE – The community in Malino, Tinggimoncong District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, was outraged after learning that two children from their village were victims sacrifice pesugihan which is conducted parent they. Fortunately, when ritual pengcungkilan eye The right hand of a 6-year-old child was caught by Bayu, who is also the victim’s uncle. His uncle … Read more

A heinous crime in Egypt.. He killed his wife by shooting himself and then committed suicide

A heinous crime took place in Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, after a 56-year-old employee shot his wife to death, then jumped out of his apartment by suicide. In the details, the Nasr City First Police Department received a report stating that there were two bodies in a street in the area, and the security services … Read more

A heinous crime in the UK: 8-week-old boy killed, two-year-old girl in critical condition

Both young children were attacked with a knife in their own homes. It was not immediately hidden that the suspect woman was detained at the scene and other potential suspects were no longer sought. Unofficial rumors were circulating that the mock attack might have been carried out by the children’s mothers, but officials denied the … Read more