Armie Hammer: his descent into hell revealed in a shocking documentary

Armie Hammer was still, until last year, an actor in great demand by major Hollywood studios. But that was before serious charges were brought against him. To not help his case, a documentary in which the victims testify to his unforgivable acts will soon be broadcast. Armie Hammer: from actor prodigy… Born in Los Angeles, … Read more

The Most Cursed Place in Japan or Portal to Hell: Himuro Mansion – World

AT dense forest, somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo, hides an abandoned house. Impressive with its beauty and size, it has been empty for decades. Her sinister past protects her from prying eyes and the raids of thieves. This is the Himuro mansion. Known as the most cursed place in Japan. One of the most … Read more

Photos of Johnny Depp as Louis XV leaked – here’s the French woman he’ll be co-starring with

Photos of Johnny Depp dressed and made up as King Louis XV are circulating the internet to the delight of moviegoers. In the footage, Depp is in regal makeover, wearing a white feathered hat, a blonde noble wig and a black blindfold for the upcoming film Jeanne Du Barry, which is being produced by French … Read more

Over 4,000 Beagle dogs rescued from the hell of pharmaceutical experiments are looking for a new home

More than 4,000 Beagle dogs are looking for homes after animal welfare organizations began removing them from a facility in Virginia that raised them to be sold to drug testing labs. “It will take 60 days to get all these animals out and work with our partners from various shelters across the country to find … Read more

We Can Turn Israeli Cities Around Gaza Into Hell

loading… Fighters from the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad stand guard at the Israeli border in Khan Yunis, Gaza, June 13, 2017. Photo/Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency GAZA LINE – Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) insists they have enough power to turn the Israeli territory surrounding Gaza into “hell”. In a statement reported … Read more

Disease, Research | Lived in a hell of pain: Many women do not know they are ill

According to Danish research, only one in five women diagnosed with the disease endometriosis receives treatment in time to avoid physical and social problems. 47-year-old Linda Tosti from Hjortshøj near Aarhus in Denmark has had nine operations related to endometriosis since she got her period as a teenager and has a 25-year history of the … Read more

The mobile games market is shrinking for the first time – may it rot in hell – Games column: Professionals

9.6 percent: What sounds like the current inflation rate is actually the shrinkage factor of the mobile games market. The exploding success of the colorful block games in recent years, which have allowed us to mutate into zombies with gambling mechanisms, could not grow by the predicted 25 percent for the first time, but could … Read more

Passing Hell in the first 2 rounds, Conor McGregor’s first executioner at UFC makes it difficult for Khamzat Chimaev

TWITTER/MMAFIGHTING The fierce hero who will be joined at UFC 279, Khamzat Chimaev. JUARA.NET – Sabungan Khamazat Chimaev def Nate Diaz attracted the interest of one of their competitors in the welterweight class UFC. The hero of his class, Kamaru Usman, who claims to be very interested in this match, is Vincent Luque. Vincent Luque … Read more

Like entering hell. A mysterious giant hole has appeared in Chile and is still growing

The world’s deepest holes: They hide diamonds, caves and eternal flames Aerial images released by Chilean media show that the hole in the compound, which is managed by the Canadian company Lundin Mining, is approximately twenty-five meters in diameter. Server BBC News it adds that the sinkhole is located 665 kilometers north of the capital … Read more