N. Giffey helped the German national team achieve a difficult victory

The national teams of Germany and the Netherlands, who are preparing for the European Championship, played a friendly match. Germans playing in one group with Lithuania 68:66 (14:17, 20:16, 19:10, 15:23) managed to break the opponents. For the winners, Maodo Lo scored 16 points (5/14 shooting), Johonnes Voigtmann (8 rebounds) and Dennis Schroder (5 rebounds, … Read more

The 6-year-old who invited Prince George to her birthday got a surprise: the duchess also helped

A six-year-old fan of the British royal family decided to invite Prince George to her birthday. Although the future ruler of the country did not appear at the celebration, the little girl received an unforgettable surprise – a letter from the palace. Although the royal family receives an inordinate amount of fan mail, this time … Read more

Czech car companies have been knocked around, they have helped the industry to grow

Czech industry grew by 1.7 percent year-on-year in June. The growth was helped by strengthening production in automobile production, in which automakers caught up with the decline in production from previous months thanks to improved supplies of some parts. In other industries, for example in metallurgy or wood production, on the other hand, growth stopped. … Read more

“I became an actor because they laughed at me.” His career was helped by the “elephant armpit”

Marian Dziedziel was born on August 5, 1947 in Gołkowice, Silesia In 1969 he graduated from the PWST in Krakow, where he got on on condition that during the first semester he would get rid of the Silesian dialect and learn the correct Polish language Over the years, he has starred in dozens of movies … Read more

Johnny Depp had erectile dysfunction, so he helped himself to a bottle in bed, claims Amber Heard

The legal process between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended two months ago. However, the drama surrounding their relationship continues. There are a number of documents that were not accessed during the trials, and as the evidence suggests, the couple wanted to throw a whole bunch of dirt on each other. Legal commentator Andrea Burkhart … Read more

He turned down billions unlike other star players. They turned their backs on someone who helped them, Woods says

“They offered it to him before I even became principal,” Norman said in an interview with Fox News. “Tiger is a star and of course we want the best of the best to play,” added the former world number one golfer. Forty-six-year-old Woods has previously stated that he does not agree with the departure of … Read more

The Tauragė factory is the largest of its kind in Europe: the pandemic helped win over the Chinese

Taurage the company belongs to the Danish capital group “Jupiter Bach”, whose production is spread all over the world: in Poland, the USA, China, etc. There are two production points in Lithuania: the production of the hulls itself takes place in Taurage, and the raw materials are prepared in Kaunas. The group’s factories around the … Read more

On Thursday, rescuers helped three people to get out of the forest

Thursday Ventspils and Jēkabpils rescuers helped three people escape from the forest in the regions, the “Delfi” portal learned from the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD). Content will continue after the ad Advertising One person got lost in the forest in Piltene, Ventspils region, and two in Kalna parish, Jēkabpils region. Using the sound … Read more

Stanley Cup championship odds: Who helped or hurt their chances this offseason?

A lot has happened since the Avalanche hoisted the Stanley Cup on June 26. There have been 352 contracts signed in the NHLand 25 trades — excluding the draft-day pick swaps — with many of them reshaping the landscape for the 2022-23 season. Hart Trophy candidate Johnny Gaudreau shocked the hockey world by signing in … Read more

He helped Sparta to the finals in the spring, now he is heading to the KHL: Political struggle has nothing to do with us athletes!

When, three months later, he looks back at the lost playoff final with Třinec, he admits that the Steelers deserved the championship hat-trick. “They had better hockey discipline. They did not make unnecessary fouls and loops on the blue lines. They were better for that famous bit, but overall I really enjoyed it in Sparta,” … Read more