Energy bills go from 4,000 to 30,000 euros for this association helping the homeless in Charleroi: “We have contracts that we could not renew”

The energy crisis also has consequences in the reception of the homeless. There too, the bills have risen sharply. In Charleroi, the note of an association goes from 4,000 to 30,000 euros. His survival is at stake. Our team went this Saturday to the association “Comme chez nous”. It helps the homeless in Charleroi. It … Read more

Ukraine war: US sanctions Chinese firm helping Russian mercenaries Wagner Group – BBC News 中文

January 27, 2023 image source,Reuters image captiontext, The Wagner Group is a key partner in the Russian war effort, with tens of thousands of Wagner mercenaries sent to Ukraine The United States announced sanctions on a Chinese company on January 26. This company is suspected of providing Russia with satellite images of Ukraine and supporting … Read more

UN says it is helping South Africa mass vaccinate against measles outbreak

UN says it is helping South Africa mass vaccinate against measles outbreak The UN office in South Africa is supporting the government’s mass vaccination efforts to stem a lingering measles outbreak, Stéphane Dujarric, chief spokesman for the UN secretary-general, said on Tuesday (January 24th). , Antonio Guterres. >> More than 150 children dead in Zimbabwe … Read more

Helping to be full all day, 8 breakfast menus rich in nutrients that help flatten a distended stomach! Come on, Cobain!

Bloated stomach is a problem that is often complained of by many people. Various ways were done to flatten a distended stomach. But there are still many who don’t realize that there is one habit that can be the cause of a distended stomach, namely skipping breakfast. Yes, not a few still think that to … Read more

Arsenal aiming at Premier League title, Pep Guardiola doesn’t regret ever giving a helping hand

CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola, has no regrets about indirectly helping Arsenal in the Premier League title race by sending players. BOLASPORT.COM – Pep Guardiola do not regret giving Arsenal helping hand to win the title Premier League first in 19 years. it happened after Manchester City selling Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko … Read more

US hands UN evidence that North Korea is helping Russia with weapons

The North Korean regime has been angered by the actions of North Korean defector organizations and their supporters, launching balloons with leaflets and materials exposing the regime of Kim Jong-un from the South Korean side. Foto: Ahn Young-joon/AP/SCANPIX/LETA 14:55, 21 January 2023 The United States has turned over evidence to the United Nations that North … Read more

Patricia, Cristiano’s sister-in-law, accuses Georgina Rodríguez of not helping her nephews in need of food

2023-01-19 Georgina Rodríguez, who in 2023 is starting another stage in her new home in Saudi Arabia, has captured the attention of the public and not precisely because of something she did or said, but because of her older sister, Patricia, who claimed to be bankrupt and Now she asks for help to be able … Read more

“Completely beaten” Customer disappointment with meat sushi different from the photo → Specialty store is a helping hand “Eat the real thing” Unbelievable free invitation: J-CAST News[full text display]

“Please try real meat sushi.” — The owner of a specialty restaurant, who disliked the Twitter user who complained that the izakaya he had reserved had served a dish different from the one in the image, served the dish to him for free. The contributors are grateful to the specialty store, saying, “The bad impression … Read more

Exposing the life of “children selling garlands”, even the teachers at the school still bully, just helping to buy is equal to destroying the future.

Together, the powerful exposes the life of “children selling garlands”, even teachers at Young Bully School eat one meal a day, being beaten, pointing out that just buying flowers is equal to destroying the future of children. Today (January 12) at the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSD), White Bridge, Mr. Kanthas Phongphaiboonwet … Read more

Helping Russia, Iran Says It Is Ready to Give Many Surprises

loading… The Iranian suicide drone used by Russia to attack Ukraine is one of its many innovations. PHOTO/IST MOSCOW – The aftermath of the West Country’s arbitrariness to Iran making Iran actively innovating to create deadly combat drones like those used by Russia to attack Ukraine. ALSO READ – Ukraine Ensures Iranian Drones Used by … Read more