“I don’t see how to do otherwise”, “Not sure it helps”: the experts are divided on the subject of the vaccination obligation

Should vaccination against the coronavirus be compulsory? The debate, which has been agitating society for several months already, will be discussed in the Health Commission from this Wednesday, January 26. The discussions begin with the hearing of experts – in total, 32 specialists will be heard – and should extend until February 4. “This moment … Read more

Anne-Marije helps cafe owner Marlo who couldn’t get over the expensive renovation | Anne-Marije Buckens

although The Voice Although this week was so loud that it somewhat drowned out the swelling voice of catering entrepreneurs, the protest of café owners, restaurateurs and hoteliers has not gone unnoticed. Where many were relieved to go back to the gym and the store, this group was left with a bleeding heart.

Housing helps low-income people open promotion Home loan at 1.5% interest

Housing helps low-income and vulnerable groups open promotion Home loan, first 4 years interest only 1.5% On 19 Jan. 65 reporters reported. National Housing Authority open promotion Low-income housing development loan project, only 1.5% interest for the first 4 years to help low-income and vulnerable groups It’s easier to own a National Housing Authority. Currently, … Read more

María Pía Copello ‘faints’ when she sees Sebastián Yatra and he ‘helps’ her with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation | Instagram | shows

Maria Pia Copello traveled to Colombia to meet Sebastián Yatra and do an exclusive interview about the new album that will be released soon. The Peruvian influencer took advantage of the moment to record a fun video with the Colombian singer, who has achieved fame thanks to his songs “Red heels”, “Ideal girl” and “Steal … Read more

Gaia Telescope Helps Determining the Nature of the Local Bubble

Astronomers, thanks to the Gaia space telescope, have determined the nature of the Local Bubble, a giant cavity that contains the Solar System and a number of accumulations and clouds of gas. It turned out that its age is 14.4 million years, and it was formed due to the explosions of 15 supernovae with an … Read more

Great Britain helps Ukraine. He sends out anti-tank weapons

Faced with the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, more countries are getting involved in helping the government in Kiev The United Kingdom is sending anti-tank weapons to Kiev, according to the British Defense Journal The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, declared his full support for Ukraine. It would be a disaster for the … Read more

Discriminatory employment insurance: a judgment that helps a mother from Saguenay

The judgment of the Social Security Tribunal of Canada, which concluded last week that provisions of the law on employment insurance discriminate against women, comes at the right time for a mother from Saguenay. • Read also: Saguenay: a mother fights to receive employment insurance Jessica Soucy, a mother who had three children in five … Read more

So that drivers don’t have hard bread. The Czech startup 4Trans helps carriers manage, it has already financed invoices for more than half a billion

Source: 4Trans Fintech startup 4Trans, backed by Jaroslav Ton Jr., Alexandr Lagazzi and Vlastimil Hrach, solves the problems of European road hauliers. He provides them with financial advice, facilities on the road, monitors invoices for them and helps them with business It thus responds to the lack of support for SME logistics by banks and … Read more