“The XXI Microsoft helps a lot in the development of 21st century skills and learning methods” – Microsoft Hungary

“Sensational, extremely positive, very good for education” – that’s how much support Microsoft’s digital tools, which are now part of the daily routine in hybrid education, are for Hungarian teachers. We talked about the advantages and opportunities with Marianna Éder Tarné, the deputy head of the Vitéz Mihály Primary School and High School in Csokonai … Read more

Cannabis helps women have multiple orgasms

AGI – Cannabis could be the key that women can use to achieve multiple orgasm. These, in a nutshell, i results of a study conducted by East Carolina University and North Carolina State University, and published in the Journal of Cannabis Research. Researchers believe that smoking cannabis before sexual intercourse or masturbation promotes relaxation in … Read more

Expert: Multi Drug Treatment helps break the chain of transmission of leprosy

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Skin and genital specialist at RSCM Sri Linuwih SW Menaldi said that treatment through Multi Drug Treatment (MDT) could help break the chain of transmission of leprosy in society. “Leprosy is a disease of the skin and nerves caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. It is a contagious disease with low transmission … Read more

Garlic helps control blood pressure and lower cholesterol; how to consume it?

Garlic is one of the many foods that is used in daily cooking to accompany different meals and preparations. Likewise, it is well known because it has several healing properties and that is why it is part of many home remedies. The portal Healthline It stands out that it is a food with a high … Read more

Mercury helps detail Earth’s most massive extinction event

The Last Permian Mass Extinction (LPME) was the largest extinction in Earth’s history to date, killing between 80-90% of life on the planet, although the discovery of definitive evidence of what caused the dramatic changes in climate has eluded experts. An international team of scientists, including Professor and Head of Department Tracy Frank and Professor … Read more

Disclosure of a popular type of food that lowers cholesterol and diabetes and helps to lose weight

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Bulgur is considered to have high benefits and nutritional values, and it is included in the list of complex carbohydrates, and it is used in many countries of the Mediterranean basin as a substitute for rice. On the benefits of bulgur: 1- Benefits of bulgur for the digestive system: bulgur contains a high … Read more

Mercury helps explain the largest extinction on Earth

MADRID, 27 Ene. (EUROPA PRESS) – Scientists work to understand the largest extinction in Earth’s history by focusing on mercury from Siberian volcanoes which ended up in sediments of Australia and South Africa. The Last Permian Mass Extinction (LPME) was the largest extinction in Earth’s history to date, wiping out 80-90% of life on the … Read more

Russia and Ukraine: US sanctions against a Chinese company that helps the Wagner Group

Kelly Ang BBC News January 27, 2023 image copyright Reuters The United States imposed sanctions on a Chinese company for allegedly providing satellite imagery from Ukraine to support the Russian “Wagner” group in its combat operations for Moscow. Restrictions imposed by the US Treasury Department affected 16 entities, including the Space Scientific and Technological Research … Read more

Eating better helps slow memory decline, study finds

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits can slow the decline in memory that accompanies aging, including in individuals who carry a gene that drastically increases the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, shows a new study in which a researcher from McGill University. Healthy eating is the lifestyle habit that has had the greatest impact on memory … Read more

Diet, don’t think that skipping meals helps you lose weight: the consequences can be serious

Skipping meals could hinder weight loss, not only the consequences can be truly unthinkable Our body must not undergo sudden fluctuations and changes, especially when we aim to lose weight consequences Skipping meals can be really serious. Intermittent fasting negative health consequences | momstyle In a well-balanced diet, attention must be paid to one aspect … Read more