Healthy diet helps against depression in young adults – CNN

(CNN) — According to a small randomized trial on diet and depression, not only did a healthy diet for three weeks improve depressive symptoms in college-age young adults, but those who continued the diet for three months maintained their improved outlook on life. “Simply reducing your intake of processed foods and increasing fruit, vegetables and … Read more

Börse Express – Vienna Insurance Group (VIG): Reduce depreciation, less damage helps

A target and actual comparison of the quarterly figures: In the first half of the 2020 financial year, Vienna Insurance Group achieved sales of 5.58 billion euros (plus 2.4%), profit before taxes of 201.1 million (minus 21.8%) and net income of 132.6% Million euros (minus 29.5%). The Bloomberg consensus calculated sales at 5.2 billion euros, … Read more

Honey helps better against coughs and colds than medication

Autumn will present us with new health challenges. With the start of the cold season, it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish coughs, flu-like infections and flu from Sars-CoV-19 infections. If there is actually only a cold with a cough and all the accompanying symptoms, then treatment with honey is recommended, as British scientists write … Read more

Šabala realizes a post-match shot and helps “Sūduva” to enter the second round – Football

“Sūduva” won the Estonian champion Tallinn “Flora”. After the regular time, the result was a draw 1: 1 (0: 0), no goal was scored in extra time, but in the 11-meter penalty shoot-out series with 4: 2, Marijampoles were superior, who won the match 2: 1. In the second round of “Sūduva” qualification, Israeli champion … Read more

The Dark Knight helps: Batman distributes food to the neediest in the capital | National

If we compare it with the Batman of Christian Bale, Alfred would also be proud to meet him after years without seeing him. And is that the solidarity, which has always had a highly appreciated role within Chilean society, with the pandemic of the covid-19 it has taken on even more relevance given the serious … Read more

Radboudumc: existing medicine helps corona patient with lack of oxygen | Inland

In the follow-up study, ten Dutch hospitals will administer the drug lanadelumab to patients. This drug “slows down the activation of the entire system that causes the blood vessels to leak,” explains internist Frank van de Veerdonk. The results of the small study with icatibant have been published in JAMA Network Open. All of the … Read more

Antifragility helps us improve when we train | training | failed | fragile

There are several ways to ensure that our difficulties lead us to strength rather than stagnation. As I plunged into mi programa Fearless Mastery, with some of the most amazing people, I have presented some key ideas to train us. These are the ideas that I have been developing in my programs Sea Change and … Read more

How far can Piazza Affari still go up? An episode helps us understand it

How far can Piazza Affari still go up? The question begins to circulate among stock market operators, perhaps caught a little by surprise by this positive verve of the Milan stock exchange. Yesterday something happened that only the most attentive have noticed. An episode that can help us understand what the potential for the rise … Read more

Messi helps Argentina to fight Corona with a distinct human step

Star continues football Global help their countries in this health crisis that the world is witnessing and the virus continues to spread Corona In many countries, this time it was the Argentine and Barcelona legend Lionel Messi. According to the Spanish newspaper “AS”, Messi donated 50 ventilators through his charitable foundation to hospitals in the … Read more