Artificial intelligence helps microscopic robots learn to swim and move inside our bodies

Over the past years, many researchers have shown an interest in developing microscopic robots, which are robots designed to move similarly to microorganisms, such as bacteria. Scientists hope to adapt it into a medical tool, as it is small enough to be injected into the body and could be used, for example, to target and … Read more

New app helps draw up treatment plan for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

A new app developed in Denmark may help doctors make treatment choices for patients with leukemia. The trade magazine recently published Communications Magazine about this research. About a quarter of all patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) develop a serious infection or an aggressive form of the disease that requires earlier treatment. It is important … Read more

Microsoft is making a change to the Windows Store that helps find the right apps

trying Microsoft Improving their App Store experience by offering a better user interface, more apps either native or via Android app support, etc. However, there was one issue that might not affect a lot of users but it definitely helps them in deciding if the app is worth Give it a try, but the App … Read more

Departmental News | Financial “Living Water” Precise Drip Irrigation Helps the Real Economy to Go Stable

Original title: Departmental News | Financial “Living Water” Precise Drip Irrigation Helps the Real Economy Go Stable In order to further expand the financing channels of enterprises and improve the quality and efficiency of financial services, the Municipal Finance Office made full use of financial technology and cooperated with the Provincial Huijin Enterprise Management Company … Read more

Comes with a new face, Sopalpha helps fight diabetes

loading… Sopalpha accompanies the Indonesian people against degenerative diseases, especially diabetes. Now, Sopalpha comes with a new face with the name Bioalpha. Photo/special JAKARTA – Sopalpha has been accompanying the Indonesian people for more than 3 years against degenerative diseases, especially diabetes . Now, Sopalpha comes with a new face with the name Bioalpha. Bioalpha … Read more

Is it true that leaving the air conditioner on is profitable? Thorough verification of Daikin Industries helps save electricity | HuffPost LIFE

Leaving the air conditioner on is more profitable than turning it off frequently. Many of you have probably heard this before. How much can you really save?Air conditioning manufacturer Daikin IndustriesExperimental resulthas been published and has become a hot topic. In the experiment, the air conditioner was operated from 9:00 to 23:00 with the air … Read more

App with AI helps detect skin cancer

With the sunny days that we have already had this summer, and are yet to come, the prevention and control of skin cancer is again a topical topic in the Netherlands. Just like in Stanford, various Dutch hospitals are working hard to quickly and effectively diagnose skin cancer. At Maastricht UMC+, for example, they recently … Read more

Baby remedies that actually work. The plant that helps you get rid of back pain

Monday, August 8, 2022, 11:01 p.m 9082 readings Long before that medicine to reach the level it is today, people used herbs, spices, juices and various others food to treat their health problems. There are a number of natural remedies that actually work and sometimes, depending on the medical problem, can replace drugs, according to … Read more

He cleaned up after World War II. Now he helps both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers.

SLOVJANSK, UKRAINE (Aftenposten): The 36-year-old has one of the least desirable jobs of the war. Soon it may become easier. Oleksij Jakov is from Slovjansk in Donetsk. He works collecting corpses from the battlefield and bombed villages. He picks up everyone he can find, Russian soldiers, Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. Photo: Gina Grieg Riisnæs Newsletter … Read more