Brings food, offers marijuana. Uber Eats has improved its offer

Uber wants to ride the wave of success of the hemp industry. The company’s first steps are in Canada – where marijuana use has been legal since 2018 – specifically in Ontario. In addition to food, locals can now order cannabis products through the Uber Eats platform. But in order for customers to “enjoy” their … Read more

The largest marijuana market in Europe can be established just outside the Czech Republic

Germans go to specialized shops in the northeast of the Netherlands in an effort to buy marijuana. Here it ranks among the so-called soft drugs and is therefore legal. The Germans are only a few tens of kilometers away from the so-called coffee shops, where cannabis can be easily obtained. “I know a lot of … Read more

Hemp nursery found during company inspections in Beemste…

One of the companies turned out to be used as a cannabis farm.© Photo Municipality of Beemster From our reporter Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 07:10 Westbeemster/Southeastbeemster During company checks on part of the Zuiderweg in Westbeemster and Zuidoostbeemster, a cannabis nursery was found, among other things. The nursery has been evacuated and a car … Read more

House on IJburg and in Southeast closed after cocaine laundry and hemp farm found

Two homes on Talbotstraat in IJburg and Leksmondhof in Southeast have been closed by order of Mayor Halsema. The police found a commercial quantity of cocaine and a cocaine laundry in the building on IJburg. The police found a cannabis farm in Zuidoost. The police investigated the house on IJburg following a police investigation. Police … Read more

CJ OnStyle’s ‘Venergy Hemp Seed Oil’ made from eco-friendly organic raw materials to be broadcast

‘Venergy Hemp Seed Oil’, made with eco-friendly organic hemp seed oil, will be introduced through CJ OnStyle from 7:35 pm on Tuesday, June 22. An official from the company said, “This product is a hemp seed product containing only vegetable ingredients, and it contains vegetable hemp seed oil extracted from seeds that have completely removed … Read more

Police in the Šumperk region checked for burglary and found a cannabis growing room inside the house

The so-called indoor cannabis growing room was recently discovered by police officers in an uninhabited family house in one of the villages in the Šumperk region. A patrolman stumbled upon the growing room by accident while investigating a possible burglary. Out of concern for the tenant’s health, police officers entered the house and found a … Read more

Market Industrial hemp in Medicine Potential for global growth, participation, demand and forecast analysis of key players for 2026 – Radio Petrer 107.2 fm

The Global Market Industry Research Report Industrial Hemp in Medicine 2020 focuses on market size, share, growth, manufacturers and forecast for 2026. Its vast repository provides important analytical data and statistics to provide a full understanding of the market. The report is beneficial for strategists and industry players to plan their future trading strategies. The … Read more