Studio Ghibli Suzuki Toshio P, suspicion of being a model for a new heroine, into a Thai woman, ‘I didn’t want to know’ suspicion of vividness | Smart FLASH/Sumafura[光文社週刊誌]

Mr. Suzuki, who has supported Ghibli works as a producer for many years Toshio Suzuki, the representative director and producer of Studio Ghibli Co., Ltd., has been criticized within Ghibli, saying that the Thai woman he met since around 2013 is in a state of “public and private confusion.” According to “Weekly Women’s PRIME”, Mr. … Read more

Rumor: A sharp-eyed heroine from the 90s lurks in a relationship with a sharp-eyed protagonist from the Y2K era, but did not debut.

At the beginning of the week, there was something for netizens to explore again. When the page is famous “Channel 8 Entertainment News” came out to hint at the mystery to open the issue. A sharp-eyed heroine of the 90s ambush withDark hero of the Y2K era It hasn’t been launched for a year now. … Read more

Aen, the drama organizer of Sai Niab Use the famous heroine so hard that her facial expression shows symptoms.

Well-known reputation talks about the neatness of a talented organizer like Ann Thongprasom in both Channel 3, it can be said that because she created a drama, she wanted that story to be as perfect as possible. Tell me that it’s just a little mistake, and she definitely won’t let it pass. Latest (March 20, … Read more

A bold look by Razan Jamal, the heroine of “The Price” in Dubai, and her dance is the talk of followers (video)

Last updated Friday, March 10, 2023 Razan Jamal The Lebanese actress Razan Jamal shared her fans and followers through her personal account on the social networking site Instagram, a group of photos from the Cartier Jewelry House party in Dubai. Razan caught the audience’s attention as she passed the stage and appeared in a long, … Read more

toi8 is in charge of drawing! “Ys X -Adventure of the North Sea-” announces the setting of Adol and the heroine and the new system information “イースX -NORDICS-“

Japan’s Falcom recently announced that it is scheduled to be released in 2023 action RPG game “Ys X -North Sea Adventure-(イースX -NORDICS-)” (PlayStation 5/Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4) details of the characters appearing, and the new system”cross action“Information.The following will give players the personal data and background settings of the protagonist Yatru and the heroine Kaja (カージャ), … Read more

Online review “Heroine of Tianxuan Xianxia Drama” Top8! Reba is stunning in the fairy world, Yang Mi is glamorous, Zhao Liying is sweet, the champion is a real fairy- with AMP Version

chasing stars Recently, “Star Falls Congealed into Sugar” and “Chong Zi”, two ancient costume fairy tale dramas, have been popular. However, the casting of the two dramas has some critics. “Falling into Sugar” Li Landi’s acting skills are good, but he is not considered fairy-like enough.Weibo also held voting before, the following isOnline review “Xian … Read more

Nana Komatsu is the heroine of the 2023-24 Fall/Winter collection of Chanel, the first Japanese achievement! – WWD JAPAN

Invitation to the Chanel Fall/Winter 2023-24 show Large screen at the venue ©︎ CHANEL Large screen at the venue ©︎ CHANEL Large screen at the venue ©︎ CHANEL Large screen at the venue ©︎ CHANEL Chanel Fall/Winter 2023-24 Show Chanel Fall/Winter 2023-24 Show On March 7th, the final day of Paris Fashion Week, Chanel announced … Read more

Shaking the industry, ‘The heroine of Horse University’ was called to apologize to ‘Bella Ranee’.

Hot Social Drama Issues For Drama “Mai Davika” with “Margie Rasri” After mentioning the mystery star (in the past) through the YouTube channel davikah channel in the episode entitled “Gather together the heroine of the “Mor. Horse” gang to challenge and answer secret questions!” In which this drama arose from Margie Rasri (guest) and Mai … Read more

‘Bella Ranee’ faces heavy battles to the defendant society? Content poisoning, how do you deal with it?

Stay up to date with news >> Komchadluek online Began to become a more and more important issue for the knot of Mahakan drama content, the heroine gang, Ma Ma, linked to “Bella Ranee”, a friend of the heroine in the entertainment industry. Until being addicted to Google search trends the most that were excavated … Read more

Mai Davika, the latest post, emerged from the first event after encountering a tour of the heroine gang 4 m.

After encountering the drama of the heroine 4 m on the side Mai Davika emerges from the first eventwith the world-class brand Gucci. In the event, we met with many top figures such as Patricia Good, James Jirayu, Nai Naphat Tor Thanapob, Tae Tawan-of, Chumphon, Yacht Yongsilp and many others Recently, after returning to the … Read more