A fire in the rue de l’Abbaye in Herstal in the Hauts Sarts zoning (photos)

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An Intermarché should finally open on the site of the old Forges de Zeebrugge in Herstal

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An ex-employee and sports agent allegedly embezzled 10 million from FN Herstal

Jean-Thomas Mayaka – ex-employee in the “purchasing” department of FN Herstal given that the person concerned was dismissed for serious misconduct last week – but also a sports agent, is accused of having embezzled 10 million euros of the public company, Sudinfo reported in its Wednesday edition. Internal checks have brought to light a whole … Read more

Gunshot this Saturday morning in a cafe in Herstal following a violent altercation between two customers

One of the two men then left and returned with a weapon. He shot the victim but luckily missed. She still had to be taken to hospital for injuries that were caused by beatings during the first altercation between the two men. The victim is fine and is still in hospital. His audition has not … Read more

Herstal: a lady has her winnings stolen from the Rocourt casino

Three individuals were arrested after a simple theft carried out on a lady. She had won significant gains at the Circus de Rocourt, the Liège prosecutor’s office reported on Sunday. During the night from Friday to Saturday, three young people noticed that a player had pocketed great winnings during her visit to the Circus casino … Read more

Shock ad from the American subsidiary of FN Herstal: Elio Di Rupo asks to have the video removed

To celebrate Independence Day, the American national holiday, the US branch of FN Herstal posted a particularly striking advertising video. It depicts several symbols of the American nation which come to explode fireworks. Three disguised figures representing the Statue of Liberty, the American Eagle and Uncle Sam respectively land in a 4×4 in the middle … Read more

National emblems and weapons of war for Independence Day: an ad by the American subsidiary of FN Herstal creates controversy

In Belgium, this campaign to promote weapons is controversial. Not only because its publication occurs the day of a shooting killing at least six people and injuring 26 in a parade near Chicago. But also because FN America is a subsidiary of FN Herstal, whose sole shareholder is the Walloon government. How does the Walloon … Read more

Natacha, 24, collateral victim of a fight at the Feria de Herstal: “I will surely never recover the use of my left eye”

The Feria de Herstal is a celebration that aims to “highlighting the folklore, culture and traditions of the Spanish population in a festive and friendly spirit”. At least that is what is announced on the Liège agenda website. Because Natacha is not thrilled with the turn of events. Consequences of a fight she didn’t start … Read more

the technical emergency plan lifted at the Liège University Hospital and the calls restored at the André Renard Clinic in Herstal

Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 11:28 a.m. The CHU of Liège and the Clinique André Renard in Herstal were affected, this Thursday morning, by a technical problem linked to the telephone operator Orange. The issue was resolved around noon. This Thursday morning, due to a technical problem with the operator Orange, it was … Read more