Stealing $ 100,000 from Carter’s home, his wife and two sons, they hid in the closet!!

Vince Carter and his family had a horrific weekend after their home was burgled, with thieves taking nearly $100,000 from the former NBA player. During the break-in, the player’s wife, Sondi, and his two sons hid in the closet, fearing they would be harmed. The incident occurred on Sunday morning, and the wife called the … Read more

Umm Kulthum’s house manager, on the authority of Kawkab al-Sharq… Was she involved in the murder of the artist Asmahan… and the great shock of the number of her children from her secret marriage that she hid?

Umm Kulthum was born in the year 1898, and a new era began with her arrival. Today, her granddaughter and her home manager, Hajja Buthaina Mohamed El-Sayed El-Beltagy, reveals the truth of many rumors that affected her after her departure. Hajja Buthaina said: Everyone who spoke about her and spread rumors had never cohabited with … Read more

Space astronomers have detected an unbalanced magnetic field. I hid the stars

Two stars born in the same stellar nursery but at opposite ends seem to have found each other. But neither angel sings nor destiny falls into place when these stars line up. There are hiccups. According to an article to be published this week in The Astrophysical Journal, the magnetic field around this twinkling duo … Read more

You will not believe.. the revelation of the true religion of the artist Abla Kamel.. which she hid from everyone.. and the surprise in the number of her marriages and the reason for the separation.. you will not expect the names..! !

2022/06/12 It’s 05:50 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Abla Kamel was born on the seventeenth of September in 1960, so she is 61 years old and her astrological sign is Virgo. Her full name is Abla Kamel Muhammad Afifi, and she was born in the village of Nakla al-Anab, the Itai al-Baroud center, in … Read more

Krystyna Giżowska hid her husband’s death for several months. Who was Wojciech Olejnik?

Let us remind you that last year’s festival in Opole was held on September 3-6, 2021. This year the organizers decided to resume the date before summer holidays – June 17-21. The festival will start on Friday with a concert “From Opole to Opole. Big Stars! Legendary Hits”. This is an overview of the musical … Read more

Urgent.. the revelation of the true religion of The Voice star (Nidaa Sharara), who hid her from her closest associates.. and the biggest surprise in her relationship with Sherine Abdel Wahab! !

2022/06/10 It’s 11:20 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Nidaa Sharara, the Jordanian artist, who was known to the public through her participation in The Voice, where she was awarded the title of the best voice in 2015. Her story with Sherine Abdel Wahab and press statements that sparked controversy and her response to removing … Read more

A shock that shakes the entire artistic community… The true religion of the artist Samir Sabry, which he hid from everyone, was revealed, and the great surprise is how many marriages he had! !

2022/06/10 It’s 11:50 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Egyptian actor Samir Sabry, is he a Christian? Did you know the star’s religion, date of birth, wife and children? And his personal life, artwork, artistic history, what he did before he became a movie star, and everything you want to know about him. Samir Sabry’s … Read more

Finally and for the first time… the dangerous secret that Samir Ghanem hid from everyone, even from his two daughters, was revealed until the last minutes before his death… and the differences exploded between Donia and Amy.!

Three secrets that the late artist Samir Ghanem kept for himself, refusing to approach them, and whenever some try to reveal their details in television interviews with him, he resents, refusing to complete filming. Many believed that Samir Ghanem was from the Sharkia Governorate, or Dakahlia, for his concealment of the details of his upbringing … Read more

A major shock shook the entire artistic community… The true religion of the singer Fairuz, which she hid from everyone and kept a secret until this day, was revealed! !

2022/06/02 It’s 01:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Nouhad Wadih Haddad, better known by the stage name Fairouz, is a Lebanese singer, singer and actress, born in Beirut. She is considered one of the oldest artists in the world, one of the golden generation of theater and music in Lebanon, and one of the … Read more

“I am disgusted by the Russians”: Anna (24) hid for more than two months with her baby deep under the Azovstal factory

Anna, together with her son, in Zaporizhzhya, where she is received by her brother after her evacuation from Azovstal. — © rr For 65 days, Anna Zaitseva hid under the Azovstal factory, the last stronghold of Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol. She is one of hundreds of civilians who found themselves in the shadow of the … Read more