The magician’s rabbit ran away and hid.. Only 1% can see him in 11 seconds, so are you one of them?

People with great power of observation can solve these Cerebral humor. According to the “Gargan Josh” website. Jargan JoshOnly 1% of people can spot the magician’s rabbit hiding in the picture in just 11 seconds. Will you accept the challenge? And in this Optical illusion Which we are showing today, the audience gathered in the … Read more

Violeta and Vilius Tarasov showed their extremely secret wedding photos for the first time: they hid it for 15 years for a reason

The warm and bright work “I love so much” is a work matured for two years with the well-known artist and producer Edgars Lubi, according to the press release. “You know how it is – you seem to have a clear sense of how it should be, but you still can’t unlock it, you can’t … Read more

I can’t believe where they hid the drugs. The Colombians had a wicked plan – o2

According to the New York Post, the women were detained at two different Colombian airports. Both tried to fly to Madrid, but their journeys were thwarted during security checks. Smugglers hid drugs in hair extensions During the scan of both women, airport staff discovered that there were “foreign bodies” hidden in their hair. Each of … Read more

This movie “The ‘married woman scandal’ at the beginning of the debut… My son I hid, go to heaven” tears

Capture of MBN’s ‘Special World’ broadcast screen Singer Lee Young-hwa revealed the story of a painful life hidden in the life of a splendid diva. Singer Lee Young-hwa appeared on MBN’s ‘Special World’, which aired on the 10th, and revealed the recent situation, depicting how he confided the cores he had in his heart. This … Read more

A big artistic surprise… The real religion “Amy Samir Ghanem” was revealed, which she hid from everyone, even from her husband, artist Hassan Al-Raddad!

2022/10/29 It’s 04:15 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Amy Samir Ghanem’s artistic family was the reason for discovering her acting talent. Amy’s father is the late artist Samir Ghanem and Amy’s mother is the late star Dalal Abdel Aziz, They were the wheel that pushed Amy’s talent and her sister Donia Samir Ghanem, two … Read more

Carolina Cruz hid so as not to cry in public

It is no secret to anyone that Carolina Cruz has had a very big transformation, since her son Salvador came into the world and what has happened to the child’s health situation. From there the initiative came from foundation Dream Saviorwhich she commands, and in the middle of an event of this foundation something very … Read more

A great shock that shakes the artistic community… The exposure of the true religion of (Amr Adib), which he hid from those close to him, and surprisingly, how many marriages he had! !

2022/10/19 It’s 07:50 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Amr Adib, the Egyptian media, his religion and whether he is a Muslim or a Christian, he is the husband of the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, and the son of the late screenwriter Abdel Hai Adeeb And the brother of Imad El Din Adib, husband of the … Read more