Instead of a bank, the post office went viral… Take the Last Train for High Interest Deposits

Photo = Yonhap News As the rise in deposit interest rates in the bank sector, which had exceeded 5% a year due to the brakes of the financial authorities, has slowed down, the number of ‘interest rate nomads’ (nomads) aiming for niche products in the secondary financial sector, such as postal mutual finance, is increasing. … Read more

Putin Gives Strong Message to Germany, Russian Bombers on High Alert

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Russia Vladimir Putin told German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that Moscow would continue its attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. This is due to Western aid which continues to complicate Russia in its attack on Ukraine. During a weekend dialogue, Putin told Scholz that the attack was not something the Kremlin could … Read more

Chronology of high school students in Bekasi giving birth to discarded babies wrapped in alma mater

Bekasi – High school students in the District BekasiWest Java, gave birth in the last school bathroom throw away the baby. The baby was wrapped by the perpetrator using his alma mater jacket. This was known after local residents found a baby that was thrown away by the perpetrator this morning at 10.35 WIB. The … Read more

Telkom Opens Vacancies in 2022 SOE Joint Recruitment, High Salary!

Jakarta – SOE Joint Recruitment 2022 batch 2 has been opened. There are many SOEs that open vacancies in the recruitment, one of which is lPT Telkom job vacancies Indonesia (Persero). In the 2022 SOE Joint Recruitment batch 2, Telkom opened job vacancies for two positions. The two positions are Finance and Legal & Compliance. … Read more

You can buy a net for 5,000 pounds.. Solutions are revealed by a merchant, despite the high gold prices

with approaching New Year 2023Citizens are increasingly coming to goldsmiths’ stores to buy gold And gold artifacts, and attest gold prices In the current period, there is a significant increase in the local market, and there is a state of questioning among young people, especially those about to get married, about buying the network at … Read more

‘Orange a circus horse that jumps as high as necessary’

Getty Images NOS Football•Sunday, 10:23 Now that the Netherlands has reached the quarter-finals at the World Cup, the media abroad are very pleased with the performance of the Orange. The analysts of the BBC, for example, thought that the Orange played strongly and in the first goal they saw an example of total football. “It … Read more

The SEP withdraws the RVOE from the Franco Mexican High School; Primary level

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) withdrew from the Liceo Franco Mexicano its Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) to be able to provide primary education and fined it almost 2 million pesos for denying the re-registration of students at its Polanco campus. “It is resolved that the registration of the minor with the … Read more

Summers sees Fed heading to 6% and high interest rate recession affecting emerging markets

The Federal Reserve will likely have to raise rates higher than anticipated as the job market remains strong and US inflation has proved resilient, former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said. in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Friday. Summers was one of the first to notice for the risks of rising inflation after years … Read more

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights will visit Ukraine / Article

Today Volker Turk will arrive in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, where he is scheduled to meet with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights will then visit the country’s second largest city, Kharkiv, the liberated city of Izyum in Kharkiv Oblast, as well as the city of Uzhhorod … Read more