High demand for PS5 and Xbox raises their price in the second-hand market

November 25, 2020 7:42 PM | With information from DPA 15 minutes. The high demand and the shortage of units available both in physical stores and online of the latest generation consoles PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X have increased their price in the second-hand market to 1,500 and 1,000 euros, respectively. The main … Read more

Riedenburg: ‘high level of acceptance among the students’

Take it easy: Teacher Christian Grepmeier and his students from class 10b of the girls’ secondary school in St. Anna don’t let the face masks slow them down in their eagerness to learn. Erl Riedenburg However, all of this is no longer possible since it is mandatory to wear masks all day in class. Recognizing … Read more

Bac 2021: high schools already ready to cheat to remain the best?

Some high schools are ready to cheat to help their students with this Bac 2021. A boost that they consider necessary. –> This year again, the Bac will be changed. There will be no final written exams. Again, continuous monitoring will be the priority. So high schools are already thinking about how to help their … Read more

Covid-19: Article that charged covid vaccine to high strata falls – Congress – Politics

After the controversy that arose in the country for the proposal that the covid-19 vaccine be charged to strata 5 and 6, the Plenary of the House of Representatives knocked down the article that contained this provision within the so-called draft law of vaccines, which establishes mechanisms to facilitate access to immunization against the coronavirus. … Read more

that’s how creepy it would be to meet a Kyogre on the high seas

This is the actual size of the Pokémon Kyogre It’s no secret to anyone that Pokémon creatures come in different hues, sizes, shapes, classes, and more. its diversity is so great it would take a long time illustrate all Pokémon. Know more: They launch a special Pikachu plush to work with the computer (it’s just … Read more

Turkey marks 6,713 new infections in one day, a new high since the start of the pandemic

MADRID, 23 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – The Turkish Ministry of Health reported 6,713 new coronavirus positives on Monday, a new daily maximum since the start of the pandemic. Also the 153 deaths represent a historical maximum. “Today 6,713 cases of COVID-19 have been detected. In total there are 453,535 infected and 153 patients have died … Read more

The Importance of the examination for the detection or prevention “, report elaborated by a high school

We receive and share this educational work that seeks to raise awareness about breast cancer, a report sent to us by the high school student Ezequiel Espinosa, from 3 ° 5, from the Liceo Nº2 de Santa Lucia (Canelones), to whom we thank the contribution that, for Above all, it aims to continue raising awareness … Read more