Alienware’s latest gaming monitor features high refresh rates and a retractable headphone mount – Engadget Japan Edition

Dell Earlier Dell announced two new Alienware gaming monitors for the fall market, the AW2723DF and AW2523HF. Both have interesting new designs. The manufacturer has added a retractable and adjustable headphone hanger to it, which is convenient for players to place their headphones at will. As for the screen itself, the AW2723DF uses a 27-inch … Read more

Arrested Perpetrator Who Seized and Rape Junior High School Student in Pati until Pregnant, Turns Out to be a Recidivist for Child Abuse

AS – Satreskrim Polres Also arrested Puji Handoyo (23) alias Banyak, the perpetrator who held and raped a junior high school student in Pati Regency, Central Java, N (15). Pati Police Chief AKBP Christian Tobing said that the police managed to stop the escape from the residents of Alasdowo Village, Dukuhseti District, Pati to … Read more

Bremer in the mixed zone: «We aim high. The important is…”

Gleison Bremer spoke in the mixed zone after Juve Sassuolo. The statements of the Juventus defender after the match (sent to Allianz Stadium) – At the end of the challenge between Juve and Sassuolo, Gleison Bremer made some statements in the mixed zone. Below are the words of him collected by JuventusNews24. FEELINGS – «The … Read more

Lu Yuren – China Mobile’s Water Duokan Dividend Increases Its Charm|Financial High Tea | Headline Daily

Last week, it was recommended to buy goods below 20,000 points and speculate on the rebound. The session of the cargo machine appeared so quickly. The Hang Seng Index broke the 20,000-point mark again last week, but the threshold was quite resilient. The 20,000 mark was not lost, and it fell slightly by 26 points … Read more

15 Effective Ways to Overcome High Cholesterol Naturally, Beware of the Cause

11. Whole Grains Whole grains are rich in various nutrients, fiber, and minerals that are needed by the body. Various ingredients contained in it include protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and B vitamins. Whole grains can help you fight free radicals that are harmful to the body. In addition, whole grains … Read more

The old high voltage lines will not escape the new standards

The old high-voltage lines should in principle no longer escape the new standards on non-ionizing radiation in the event of work. The Federal Department of the Environment (DETEC) wants to modify the ordinance to comply with a call to order from the Federal Court. He opened a consultation on Tuesday. Power lines and railway installations … Read more

11 signs that your blood sugar is high! Here are those symptoms

Distraction and forgetfulness Today, this symptom, which may have many other reasons, including stress, is caused by the inability of brain cells to use sugar well in diabetics. stomach ache indigestion We mentioned that diabetes can also damage nerves. As the vagus nerve, which is effective in digestion, is negatively affected by constantly high blood … Read more

New Research: High Cortisol Stress Hormone Levels Cause Long-Term Exposure to Covid-19

PR DEPOK – One of the concerns of health experts during the spread of the corona virus is reason exposed person Covid-19 in the long run. Researchers at Yale University recently reported the results of their research on reason exposed person Covid-19 in the long run. According to them, hormones stress cortisol can be reason … Read more