The Mi 11 confirms that high-end Xiaomi bargain mobiles do not return, but it already has (almost) everything we ask for its price

Yesterday, Xiaomi was ahead of all smartphone manufacturers being the first to launch its new high-end for 2021, the Xiaomi Mi 11. And, unlike what sometimes happened at this time of year, it did not do it with 2020 hardware, but with the best of the best on its face per year that goes into components such as processor or screen.

The company has not yet announced price and availability of the product in Europe, but it has announced that it will be sold in China at the same price as its predecessor, at 500 euros at the exchange rate. With this figure, and with the probable 799 euros in Spain, they are already far from the € 350 of the Mi 8 in China or the € 449 of the Mi 9 in Spain, but the company has taken another leap.

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