Beautiful and highly energy efficient, this is the Leroy Merlin heated towel rail

The bathroom It is one of the rooms in our house that is usually coldest during the winter, something that can be uncomfortable when we go to take a shower. But it has an easy solution, we can always resort to heaters or other types of devices to to warm this stay. In this sense, … Read more

Heartless King Charles took away the title forever: the highly unpopular gesture

Having ascended to the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, King Charles III risks becoming increasingly unpopular. King Charles – His decisions are controversial: from what the tabloids report, it seems that as many as 100 employees of the former home of the sovereign (Clarence House) are at risk of … Read more

Highly Controversial Lou Gehrig’s Disease Drug Amylyx Wins FDA Approval

A highly controversial drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease won approval from the US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday. The wink represents a long-desired victory for patients, though it is likely to renew questions about the scientific rigor behind government reviews of experimental drugs, as The Associated Press reports. The FDA approved the drug from … Read more

Warning to all parents, as 1 in 10 children are at risk of a highly contagious, deadly disease

PARENTS have been urged to enroll their children in vital vaccines because they are at risk of contracting a highly contagious disease. Data shows that one in ten children is not aware of their MMR vaccination. These shots help protect the little ones from measles, mumps and rubella. GPs still offer routine vaccinations and warn … Read more

Autumn fruit ″highly contaminated″ with dangerous pesticides

Autumn fruit in Europe, including Portuguese, is “highly contaminated” with dangerous pesticides, according to a report by the non-governmental organization “Pesticides Action Network Europe” (PAN Europe) released today. Based on official data, the report indicates that a large proportion of European pears (49%), table grapes (44%), apples (34%), plums (29%) and raspberries (25%) were sold … Read more

This violent film on Netflix is ​​highly recommended according to everyone

<!– –> The new movie is on Netflix since yesterday Athena and the tragic French drama thriller with action and violence gets a lot of positive reactions. Time for a walk around the fields. First up is our own FilmTotaal review, featuring four stars. “Athena is a lot and often overwhelming, but by leaving the … Read more

“Marchionne? I am surprised that he spoke so highly of me, I have never been able to meet him »

from Enrico Marro The secretary of the CGIL: «It is not at all true that I hated him, I respected his choices while not sharing them. He protected the interests of the shareholders, but not those of our country. And he neglected the electric car “ “That Marchionne he said all these things about me, … Read more

Ukrainian forces reportedly capture highly valuable ‘bird’

At the beginning of the week, when the Ukrainian armed forces launched a counterattack in the direction of Kherson, a lieutenant colonel of the rapid reaction regiment was captured by the Ukrainians in the battles near Balaklia. On September 8, more than one internet source started announcing that the Ukrainian armed forces had captured much … Read more

‘Highly sensitive nuclear information about another country found in Trump’s home’ Abroad

FBI agents last month during a search of the residence of former President Donald Trump found a document describing the military defenses, including its nuclear power, of a foreign government. That reports The Washington Post based on anonymous sources. The country in question is not reported. Not even whether it is an ally of the … Read more

‘Under the Grip’, the highly anticipated new Netflix film that exposes toxic relationships

Series A film that promises to be very caliente but also revealing. The month of September has just begun and as usual, who says new month says new on Netflix. Among the latest documentaries, films and series that have just joined the catalog of the streaming platform, users will be able to find Under the … Read more