1 lira 10 cent hike on gasoline

While the fluctuation in brent oil prices continued with the Russia-Ukraine war, gasoline and diesel prices increased and decreased. habervaries with. With the changes in Brent oil prices and foreign exchange, citizens continue to follow gasoline and diesel prices. IT HAS A TIME FOR GASOLINE TODAY According to the information conveyed by the sources of … Read more

After the price hike, supermarket shelves could empty: “The negotiations will be the most difficult ever”

It has not escaped anyone: the price of living has risen sharply in recent months. In addition to the cost related to the energy sector, prices in supermarkets have literally exploded. And that is not likely to get better in the coming months. As retail expert Silvie Vanhout (Gondola Academy) points out to our colleagues … Read more

Fed official argues for big rate hike to bring inflation down to 2%

An official of the American central bank (Fed) pleaded on Saturday for the institution to continue to raise its key rates sharply until inflation actually falls. The Fed raised rates by 0.75 points at the end of July, a much larger increase than the usual quarter point. “Similar sized increases should be considered until we … Read more

“Wall Street” .. weekly gains amid concern about a higher interest rate hike

Despite geopolitical tensions worrying markets over the past week, US stocks posted weekly gains after a surprisingly strong jobs report that eased recession fears, but paved the way for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates sharply at its next meeting. The “Standard & Poor’s” index suffered a decline, Friday, and fell 1.1% during the … Read more

US GDP has been negative for the second consecutive quarter, has the US economy entered a recession? The US economy, which does not seem to shrink as much as the recession, will the yen strengthen due to the slowdown in the FRB rate hike? (1/4) | JBpress

Will the yen strengthen due to the slowdown in the Fed’s rate hike in the US economy, which does not seem to shrink as much as the recession? Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen meets on US GDP for the second consecutive quarter of negative growth (Photo: AP / Afro) Go to gallery page (Daisuke Karakama: Chief … Read more

What the ECB rate hike will change for mortgage borrowers

The rise in interest rates will also contribute to a certain slowdown in activity terovesalainen – stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – For the first time in 11 years, the European Central Bank has decided to raise its main interest rate by 0.5%. Bad news for borrowers even if the situation has already been widely anticipated by banks. … Read more

The U.S. is in a technical recession, and the Fed’s rate hike may slow down the gold and silver jump | Anue Juheng- Gold

The United States announced on Thursday (28th) that the economy shrank in the second quarter, in line with the definition of a technical recession. In addition, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said that the rate of interest rate hike in September will depend on economic data, which was interpreted by traders in September. It may only … Read more

Lu Yongxiong – US interest rate hike is a poison for emerging markets | Bus Review | Headline Daily

The US Federal Reserve concluded its interest rate meeting on July 27 and announced a rate hike of 0.75%, raising the benchmark interest rate to 2.25% to 2.5%. In addition, the Federal Reserve will continue the process of shrinking its balance sheet as previously decided. Starting in September, it will reduce the Fed’s holdings of … Read more

Strong rate hike for Economy to capture $ 515,000 million

With a strong rise from the interest rates as a signal to the market of the government’s determination to combat inflacin and ensure a positive return for holdings in pesos, the Ministry of Economy yesterday managed to award public debt titles for $515,861 million. As, renew all month-end maturities and accumulated in July a “net … Read more

The New York Times: The Federal Reserve is preparing for a massive interest rate hike

The New York Times reported that the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates this week in its fight to control rising inflation, but the move risks a more severe recession when the economy slows. With inflation unexpectedly accelerating to a 40-year high in June and the labor market still growing at healthy rates, … Read more