The Pokémon fusion between Nidoking and Gyarados is totally hilarious

This hilarious illustration between Nidoking and Gyarados will leave you amazed For Pokémon fans, performing fanarts is more than a hobby, many of the followers take it very seriously and always give 100% of their potential to deliver illustrations and mergers worthy of admiration. Know more: Believe it or not, giant Pokémon have been with … Read more

The hilarious cross between Kun Agüero, Neymar and a Spanish streamer in a game of Among Us

Neymar and Sergio Agüero with streamer Ibai Llanos This Thursday Sergio Agüero returned to make a live on the Twitch platform for his thousands of followers and as usually happens, the transmission was spent playing Among Us along with several streamers and personalities such as the Argentine rapper Papo, and the Spanish Ibai Llanos. This … Read more

Nidocarp, the most hilarious fusion Pokémon we’ve seen lately

Background packed with Magikarps A few hours ago we witnessed the strangest fusion in the entire Pokémon universe. However, his result was very correct. These types of fanarts are the best we can see in the Pokémon community, since we combine creativity and talent in equal parts. As in today’s example, far from having a … Read more

[Video] Yakuza enhances the qualities of the Xbox Series with hilarious video

<!– –> Tuesday, October 20, 2020 From SEGA they shared this video that shows how spectacular Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be running on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S when it is available from November 10 worldwide. The colors, the definition of the image and the speed of loading of the different … Read more

Are you crazy! Franco Armani and a hilarious post on his birthday

Franco Armani He celebrated his birthday and surprised all the River fans with an incredible cake. The Millionaire archer celebrated his 34 years with his partner in Buenos Aires and shared an image of the celebration on social networks. The player had to spend his day in training at River Camp, where they prepared a … Read more

In 2010 Huawei made a video of how it imagined the technology of 2020 … and today it is more hilarious than visionary

Videos of companies forecasting what the future will be like It is not something new, but it is hilarious to revisit those videos that at the time sought to be visionary and anticipate the innovations that we would see in the coming years. And is that most of them we see completely crazy ideas.

In this case we have the example of Huawei, which in 2010 carried out a video entitled “Telecommunications in the year 2020”, which was not only a forecast, but a complete vision by the Chinese company, which was betting on things more in the vein of a science fiction film than true communication solutions for this decade. They did not have the trade war between China and the United States that has caught them right in the middle.

But before continuing, watch the video and draw your conclusions.

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The hilarious anecdote of Carlos Tevez with Patrice Evra and Park Ji-Sung

09/10/2020 – Carlos Tevez He always stood out for being a great anecdote counter and, in an Instagram live unmissable with his comedian friend the Mazi, Apache told a hilarious story of his time in Manchester United. Carlitos had a very good relationship with Patrice Evra Y Park ji-sung in the Red Devils and that … Read more

Hilarious phrase by Charlotte Caniggia after contracting coronavirus: “My body hurts as if there were …”

Charlotte Caniggia He tested positive for coronavirus this Wednesday. Charlotte is having headaches and body aches. Alex isolated and goes to swab tomorrow, revel ngel de Brito. And now, the representative of the Caniggia brothers, Fabin Esperon, tell how the meditation feels. He started with symptoms on Tuesday, but he was not hitting the ball, … Read more

The hilarious dance of Carlos Tevez that even River fans praised

Since he opened his social networks, Carlos Tevez he has been very active. Photos of the campus, with his family, and dancing is also encouraged. This Thursday, Apache shared a nice video of which his wife and two daughters were part. With one of the most popular topics in TikTok: Rico’s life, by Camilo. In … Read more

The funny video of Pedro Alfonso, dancing and having his three children: the end is hilarious!

The quarantine sharpened the wits of Pedro Alfonso (40) as a theatrical producer, even though the stage was his home and the actors were his family members. Is that tireless father of Olivia (6), Baltazar (4) and Philip (a month and a half), Peter had the idea of ​​recording himself dancing with them and sharing … Read more