Regi about being at home during corona: “I fled to my studio”

About three years ago, the whole world was turned upside down by the arrival of corona. Suddenly everyone had to be quarantined and a lot of life fell away. Also for artists like Regi. Performances, television assignments,… all fell through. “So I was at home, but that does not mean that you are at home,” … Read more

An 11-year-old girl sold light-emitting toys at a stall during the Chinese New Year, earning 44,000 yuan in 13 days, and didn’t go home until midnight | International | CTWANT

An 11-year-old girl from Sichuan set up a stall to sell light-emitting toys during the Spring Festival. (Picture / flip from Xiaoxiang Morning News) Young, very business minded! An 11-year-old girl in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China, proposed to her father to set up a stall during the local lantern festival during the Spring Festival. … Read more

Gerard Piqué BETRAYS Clara Chía Martí; she would have BEGED Shakira to return home

In the last days, Shakira has become one of the most searched topics of conversation on the Internet, be it for ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’ or the vendettas that have been exacted against the family of Gerard Piqué and also to Clara Chia Marti. After the release of the song, the repercussions have been various … Read more

Dry ice. What is it for and how to make it at home? Learn this homemade trick – Teach me about Science

Dry ice is solid CO2 (carbon dioxide) with a low temperature of -78°C (-109°F). At atmospheric pressure, solid CO2 sublimes directly into vapor, without going through the liquid state. This material was discovered in 1835 by the French chemist Thirolier. However, it was used for the first time in New York, a century after it … Read more

Working from home makes you happy, but only if this condition is met

No traffic jams, your own trusted spot and time to do some laundry in between. The homeworkers know: that makes you happy. But that doesn’t always apply to everyone. Employees are more satisfied with their lives, more engaged in their work and experience higher psychological well-being when they work from home. But then the work … Read more

Toxic cheese alarm: if you have these at home, absolutely do not eat them

toxic cheese alarm – (source pexels) Some types of cheese are contaminated by mycotoxins potentially dangerous for the body: here is the black list. A recent one survey by the Catholic UniversityPiacenza campus, has detected the presence of microscopic molds of the genus Penicillium and Aspergillus in a worrying percentage of cheeses present in … Read more

Aistė Pilvelytė – about changes in life: “I came home and cried” | Names

A famous woman says that there came a moment in her life when she realized that she wanted to live consciously, to understand who she is and what she does on this earth. According to Aistė, many of us often run, run like robots and no longer know why we do it. Therefore, it is … Read more

Home Wi-Fi signals can be used to spy on people in the room

Wi-Fi signals are not exclusive to the wireless network. As The Economist writes, Pittsburgh researchers believe that using home Wi-Fi, they can determine movement speed, posture, heart rate, and more. In a report prepared by these researchers, they describe how they triggered Wi-Fi signals from a room with Wi-Fi routers. They also used AI, which … Read more

Smart home buyers don’t keep their devices connected to the Internet

A spokesperson for LG Electronics told the newspaper „The Wall Street Journal“ said that less than half of the smart devices it sells stay online for long. A Whirlpool spokesperson said more than half of their connected devices are connected to the Internet, but declined to provide further details. Smart devices can help engage shoppers … Read more