Homemade mayonnaise: in just 10 minutes from just a few ingredients Food

According to Vilma Juodkazienė, a food expert of the Iki retail chain, quoted in the press release, mayonnaise consists of only a few ingredients, therefore it will not take any sophisticated products or time to make it. And because you can collect the ingredients yourself when making mayonnaise at home, it can also become a … Read more

Brno laboratories have discovered a new mutation! Gray described the details

“Thanks to sequencing of samples from patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection, our laboratory discovered a hitherto undescribed mutation of the Spike protein,” said neurobiologist Omar Šerý on social networks. The discovery was made in the Elisabeth Pharmacon laboratory in Brno, of which Omar is the director. “It is a new mutation of the Czech variant of … Read more

Healthier food, more choice. Retail chains are preparing these news this year

The number of stores in the Czech Republic is growing every year, and retail chains are building new stores so that people from smaller cities can conveniently shop. Despite the pandemic, this year is no exception and new branches will be built in many places. You can read wherever people are waiting in the article … Read more

Nintendo reveals the “Super Mario 3D Collection” created with homemade emulators and deep learning technology-Page 1-Video Games Video Games Forum

[This article comes from: Mashdigi] Mainly simulate Nintendo GameCube hardware and improve image quality Nintendo European Research & Development (NERD), formerly Mobiclip Recently written instructions, Revealed against35th Anniversary of “Super Mario”The “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” (Super Mario 3D All-Stars) created uses Nintendo’s homemade Nintendo GameCube emulator technology, and also uses deep learning technology to improve … Read more

People remembered the victims of the pandemic. The Old Town Square was covered with thousands of crosses

On Monday, one year has passed since the death of the first patient with a covid in the Czech Republic. Almost 25,000 people have died from the disease in the last year. The Minute of Silence initiative, which was also supported by the Czech Bishops’ Conference, therefore decided to honor the memory of the victims. … Read more

Toyota has even bigger problems than Skoda. He has to stop production in Kolín – AutoTN.cz

In recent weeks, Škoda has canceled some shifts and adapted production. Toyota straight lines stop. She announced that it would not be produced in Cologne for two weeks from Monday. The reason is the same: The lack of semiconductors, which are essential for car manufacturers, and has been missing from the market for a long … Read more

People started drawing hearts for respirators! Join in, the doctors call

Healthcare Initiative – Trust us! was created in response to demonstrations that took place last weekend in Prague. The organizers of the initiative, doctor Radovan Hudák from the Motol Hospital and Jan Přáda from the General University Hospital, call them extremely irresponsible. “The aim is not to organize a similar event in the square, but … Read more

There are hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccines in storage. OVERVIEW by regions

According to data obtained by the editorial office, the most unused ampoules are in the capital. Most of them are located in state hospitals. According to the directors, this is due to the fact that the vaccines arrived on Tuesday and the medics have not yet managed to use them. The Hradec Králové region is … Read more