Image: Electroshocks and executions of innocents in a communist crime in Slovakia

The unique grounds of the former prison in Uherské Hradiště, where the Communists imprisoned, tortured and in several cases executed innocent victims in the 1950s, are beginning to change after many years. The transformation of the most preserved place of its kind in the Czech Republic into a monument or museum of totalitarianism was supported … Read more

Hockey player Jaromír Jágr mourns. His niece died († 40)

The family of hockey player Jaromír Jágr is experiencing difficult days. His niece Naďa Kallová died at the age of 40 before the end of last year. Her brother Jiří announced the sad news on social networks. The sad news came from the family of hockey player Jaromír Jágr. “Unfortunately, my beloved sister Naďa left … Read more

The crown strengthens significantly! The euro is the strongest in 10 years

The Czech currency is the strongest against the euro in the last 10 years. On Friday, it strengthened by seven pennies, ie to 24.44 CZK / EUR. In addition, it also improved against the dollar by 16 pennies, ie to 21.54 CZK / USD. According to experts, this is due to rising inflation and the … Read more

Electric car sales fell. Surprise? Not at all, the Czechia is not interested in flashlights yet

That electromobility is a current trend? Not in the Czech Republic yet. Sales of purely battery cars did not increase last year, on the contrary, they even fell by a fifth compared to 2020. Compared to Western Europe, interest in the Czech Republic is significantly weaker. Rather, they pull hybrids that can combine electricity with … Read more

Hundreds of thousands of Mercedes owners may have cars with serious defects. They are in danger of a fire

The German car company Daimler has warned about 800,000 Mercedes-Benz car owners about a technical failure that could cause a fire in their car. However, it does not download the cars yet, as the necessary parts are missing for repairs. So far, she has only warned the drivers to drive extremely carefully. The problem is … Read more

The second season of the homemade psychological thriller “Missing” will reach viewers in January

The creators of the series “Tet studio” point out that the new series of their multi-series films promises to be the most nerve-wracking domestic film work so far, which will bring the audience a new story with quality content and excellent performance of the creative team. Insight into the filming of the second season of … Read more

Christmas opening hours: See when the shops will be closed. OVERVIEW

Updated 09:46, 16. 12. 2021 16. 12. 2021, 05:45 The Christmas holidays are almost here and, as every other year, the opening hours in the shops will be adjusted during them. See when you will be able to go shopping in selected supermarkets and when it will be closed. Due to the fact that a … Read more

How Can a Truck Get Stuck in a Homemade Infiltration Well?

Jakarta – It turned out that there was a project truck that was also stuck in infiltration wells not far from the location of the PSI politician’s car Isyana Bagoes Oka got stuck. In fact, the truck belongs to the cultivator of the infiltration well project. How did the truck fall into a self-made infiltration … Read more

Actress Jaroslava Vysloužilová-Wanieková died and lived to be 85 years old

Theater and film actress Jaroslava Vysloužilová-Wanieková died on Tuesday at the age of 85. The actress belonged to important personalities of the Šumperk theater, she also played a number of film characters. The Šumperk Theater informed about her death. Actress Jaroslava Vysloužilová-Wanieková died on Tuesday. She lived to be 85 years old. The Šumperk Theater … Read more

hololive publishes its homemade game “Holo Earth”, an open-world sandbox game | 4Gamers

Vtuber group Hololive unveiled its new multimedia project “hololive alternative” at the beginning of this year. After publishing PV, comics, and settings, the new game “Holo Earth” was officially released yesterday (23). The live broadcast of “Holo Earth” was the first to be released last night. It was played by Bai Shang Fuxue, Osami, and … Read more