Canteen lady sells homemade cannabis products to students

<!– –>Foto: Unsplash Will there also have been a homemade sticker on the bag? We wonder. At least this canteen lady didn’t sell any usual homemade cookies. The lady in question has been charged and arrested for selling homemade cannabis products to students. Homemade wietproducten Sitting in class under the influence. At Summer High School, … Read more

My husband always takes care, said Babišová. Pavlova would like to live decently and with dignity

In the decisive and last pre-election televised debate on Nov, even the wives of candidates for Prague Castle were given space. Monika Babišová and Eva Pavlová agreed that Czechs should learn to talk to each other and stop arguing. Regardless of the result, both are already looking forward to Saturday’s vote count. And they explained … Read more

Laurence (30) wants to break the taboo surrounding gynecological cancers and sells homemade jewelery for charity (Kortrijk)

Laurence sells gems in the shape of a woman’s body and hopes to break the taboo surrounding gynecological cancers. — © djr Ingooigem/Kortrijk – Since corona, Laurence Belaen (30) from Ingooigem has been making and selling handmade jewelry with her Studio Vär. She now briefly renamed it Studio oVäry. With a series of earrings and … Read more

Do you know the Skoda 100 Georgina GTR? The homemade pancake is the lowest car in the Czech Republic

This cake once started as an ordinary Škoda 100, today it represents “the lowest production special with a closed body” in the Czech Republic. The Škoda 100 Georgina GTR is closely associated with an enthusiast named George Negru, who bought the still completely normal “hundred” from a friend in 1980. He gradually modified it, but … Read more

Homemade natural collagen with rosemary and aloe vera to eliminate wrinkles: this is how it is prepared

Collagen is a protein that gives firmness to the skin, thus preventing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Likewise, cartilage and tendons benefit from this protein, according to the portal your health. When the body decreases its production after the age of 25, Bone diseases such as osteoporosis and even some types of arthritis, … Read more

The Czech parasite has an unusual DNA code. It is like the dictation of an inattentive pupil, said the biologist

A completely new and unique parasite was described by biologists from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AV CR). The element has a completely unpredictable and significant deviation from the genetic code. A parasite living in the Czech Republic that feeds on bed bugs has alerted the scientific community. He got the name … Read more

The crisis with craftsmen is deepening. In which regions are they missing the most? OVERVIEW

The lack of craftsmen has long plagued the Czechia, and the situation is still not improving. According to experts, on the contrary, the crisis is deepening, now there are already over 400,000 craftsmen missing from the market. The situation is worst in Prague, where the situation is significantly worse than in the rest of the … Read more

How to protect your money? Economists advised what to invest in in 2023

According to economists, this year will also be marked by rising prices and higher inflation. It is she who quickly devalues ​​savings. Experts have therefore advised how to protect finances and what is best to invest in in 2023. The year 2023 will bring not only higher inflation, but also economic cooling. And according to … Read more

Snow disaster in the Czech Republic. The return of winter weather complicated transport

Updated 14:31, 1/18/2023 18. 1. 2023, 06:38 It started to snow heavily in the Czech Republic on Wednesday night. Overnight, snow covered mainly the Liberec and Středočeský regions, it also snowed in Prague and other cities. However, heavy and wet snow soon complicated traffic, even shortly after midnight in Nymburk. Part of the republic was … Read more

Minimum wage, pensions and educational allowances. See where the state will add you. OVERVIEW

The state is increasing the minimum wage, the basic amount of pensions, and is also newly granting the so-called educational allowance. The minimum wage increased by 1,100 crowns compared to last year. A welcome novelty is the introduction of education allowance, which the state will award mainly to the parent who is raising in retirement … Read more