Turkey.- There are more than 70 deaths due to the consumption of homemade alcohol in poor condition in Turkey

MADRID, 23 Oct. (EUROPA PRESS) – At least 71 people have died from alcohol intoxication in Turkey due to the consumption of homemade alcohol in poor condition, as confirmed by the authorities on Friday, who have detailed that the deaths have been happening for about two weeks. The first death from this cause was registered … Read more

The new WHO recommendations to make homemade masks against the coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its guide for the use of masks against the coronavirus. Recognizes, for the first time, the usefulness of even handmade masks, those made with fabric. However, not just any type of homemade mask is recommended. The WHO advises that these masks have at least three layers and that … Read more

The hospital destroyed the test samples. People had to take tests again

In total, it was a whole container, ie 20 samples. According to information from the hospital, they were not lost, but destruction due to technical defect. One of those who had to take the tests again was Mr. Jan. He went for testing with his son, who had symptoms of infection. “On Friday, September 11, … Read more

The Czechs are the worst off in the surrounding countries! They have limited access to 17 countries

Eight times more infected in the last week than Germany, six times more than Poland – the Czechia is by far the worst of the neighboring countries. Poland is doing best with 15 new infections per million population per day, and Germany is doing very well. Austria is closest to the Czech Republic with 112 … Read more

Thousands of people remember Menzel. Forgive us, says director Fear

“It was always a pleasure with him, even though he felt that it didn’t make him happy. Working with him was a benefit for me, because I always learned something,” recalls actor Jan Kanyza, with whom they met, among other things, during the filming of the series. Pub. The director’s departure affected the general acting … Read more

The number of infected people in the Vysočina region is growing rapidly. The county will ask the army for help

From Saturday to Sunday evening, 26 more people were infected in the Vysočina region. Half of them were in the Pelhřimov region, which was for a long time a district without infection. Now the number of patients there had climbed to less than a hundred. The most significant outbreak in the Pelhřimov region is a … Read more

Hygiene does not manage to trace in Prague, he admits. The opposition criticizes quarantine

Hygienists admit that they are not able to trace the contacts of positive cases, especially in Prague, as quickly as they would like. According to Prime Minister Babiš, the state is trying to help hygienists, and Prague’s hygiene has received additional technical equipment and workers for telephone lines – for example, from the army. From … Read more

Do ants invade your house? Say goodbye with these homemade tricks | News from El Salvador

In the kitchen, the dining room and even in the bedrooms they are a real nuisance, which can also put health at risk since they also transmit diseases. Who has not discovered a huge string of ants lurking near the bread that has just been left on the dining room table or in the kitchen? … Read more

Area measures are no longer a threat, there are few new cases, says Minister Vojtěch

The Ministry of Health plans to reduce the tracing time to a few hours. It also wants to perform up to 30,000 tests for coronavirus daily. According to Minister Vojtěch, the plan is slowly approaching fulfillment. In Friday alone, the laboratories performed 12.5 thousand tests. “It depends on how many people or potentially tested are … Read more

Zagor’s sad birthday: She’s fighting in the hospital, Margita can’t go to her

This year’s birthday party of the popular Czech singer Hana Zagorová will probably not be completely according to her plan. He is in hospital with coronavirus. She was even bothered by high fevers, but fortunately they were gone. Hana Zagorová’s husband Štefan Margita spoke to his partner for the last time on Saturday afternoon. “Fortunately, … Read more