The owner of Skoda threatens to move production from the Czech Republic. They are afraid of a lack of gas

The German automobile concern Volkswagen is worried about the persistent shortage of natural gas. There is also the possibility that it will move its production from Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the countries of southwestern and northern Europe. In addition to households, the current energy crisis also threatens European industry. For example, Volkswagen … Read more

Supermarkets have to save because of expensive energy. They said how it would affect customers

Rising energy prices are not the only problem for Czech households. Energy costs are also rising for large retail chains such as Penny or IKEA. They are thus forced to adopt cost-saving measures to reduce their costs. Large retail chains are already dealing with rapidly rising energy costs. The heating and lighting of large stores … Read more

Matteo Catalani, the chef who had conquered the United States with homemade pasta died at 29: investigations underway

He had conquered the Americans with his pasta made at home, opening two successful premises in Washington. The very young chef Italian Matteo Catalani, originally from Pistoia, is died Sunday, August 14, at the age of 29 struck down by a cardiac arrest in Washinghton city where he lived. Investigations are underway by the US … Read more

Eliminate the plague of aphids from your garden with these effective homemade tricks – Teach me about Science

Aphids or aphids as they are commonly known are a fearsome pest for plant lovers, surely you have ever seen this tiny insect. If you are interested in knowing how you can kill them and save the life of your orchards so that it looks prodigious, read on. There are more than 4000 species of … Read more

‘Hyun Bin♥’ Son Ye-jin, homemade ‘Honey Dumpling’ wedding table… Song Yoon-ah and Lee Jung-hyun are also admired’ [N샷]

Son Ye-jin SNS capture © News 1 Actress Son Ye-jin revealed her newlyweds. Son Ye-jin posted several photos on her social networking service (SNS) account on the 17th, saying, “Are you all having a good Sunday evening? Tomorrow is the start of the week again.” She continued, “I liked the food photos so much last … Read more

The police in Trondheim made the discovery of two homemade bombs in an apartment – NRK Trøndelag

During a search on Tuesday night, the police came across a bomb-like object in a house in the Heimdal area in Trondheim. The home was searched in connection with another criminal case. On Thursday morning, the police inform NRK that it is a fireworks box, which is legal to sell. Forensic scientists have examined the … Read more