Honda’s New 125 Cc Scooter Rp. 21 Million, Combined Design of BEAT and Vario 125 – Honda launches a new 125 cc scooter. Quite unique, because the design is a combination of the Honda Beat and Vario 125. But the legs look sturdy even though the rims are striped. Because the front rims measure 10 inches and the rear 12 inches, wrapped in gambot tires. Oya, the name Honda … Read more

Sold for BEAT, Honda’s new retro scooter has a cute look and modern features, the injection engine is perfect for daily use

Greatbiker the appearance of the front of the latest Honda retro scooter whose price is equivalent to BEAT. – Sold for BEAT, retro scooter The new Honda has a cute look and modern features, the injection engine is perfect for everyday use. The trend of retro-style automatic scooters (scooters) that are mushrooming lately has … Read more

Panoramic Glass Roof Honda HR-V Can’t be Opened, This is Honda’s Answer

Honda All New Honda HR-V RS Turbo and SE variants are equipped with a panoramic glass roof – All New Honda HR-V the latest, both the RS and SE variants are equipped with the following features: panoramic glass roof. However, some people have compared the panoramic glass roof feature to the previous HR-V generation … Read more

After the French MotoGP, Repsol Honda’s situation worsens

JAKARTA, – In the first seven MotoGP 2022 races already underway, Repsol Honda was in a bad situation. After having won one podium in Qatar, the Honda riders appeared less than satisfactory, including at the 2022 French MotoGP last weekend. Best score recorded Marc Marquez who finished 6th, but with a considerable distance from … Read more

Honda’s European range expands with its sleek family SUV

The new hybrid model coming in 2023 will fill the gap between HR-V and CR-V. Source: Honda Honda officials have confirmed that the recently announced compact SUV model (C-segment) is named ZR-V, which stands for Z Runabaout Vehiche. A recreational car based on the new 11th generation Civic the gap between the small HR-V and … Read more

Now it’s made a ‘Tumbal’, not Honda’s mainstay anymore

Jakarta – Honda Mobilio was forced to become a victim in the semiconductor chip crisis. Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) only sells one variant, namely SM/T. On the other hand, Honda no longer relies on the Low MPV car in the 7-passenger market. “Never (Honda Mobilio) has been injected with death, only adjusted for production,” said … Read more

Fazzio is made to tremble, Honda’s new scooter comes with a lot of advanced features – Yamaha Fazzio can be made to tremble if pitted against scooter Honda this one. The scooter in question is Honda NS125 LA, retro scooter a classic that just launched in the Chinese market. From the looks of it, the motorbike has a round LED headlamp on the steering handlebars. The body also looks … Read more

Miyu Honda’s “pacific saury Goten” co-star has a cold attitude … “Poor” “Isn’t it strict?”

Honda Nozomi (C) Maijitsu Figure skater and actor Miyu Honda will broadcast “Dancing!” On April 12th. Appeared in “pacific saury Goten !!” (NTV). He was willing to give an episode talk, but was stopped by the Akashiya-san, and viewers said “poor.” Entertainers who reached a turning point in 2022 gathered. pacific saury asked the performers … Read more

5 Days More Honda’s New Car Launching in Indonesia, All New HR-V?

Friday, March 18 2022 – 15:10 WIB VIVA – To boost sales, and enliven the national automotive industry, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) in the near future will launch new car for the Indonesian market. Based on the invitation received VIVA Automotive, Friday March 18 2022, the Honda car manufacturer will launch its newest product … Read more

Marc Marquez Officially Appears at the Mandalika Circuit, This is Repsol Honda’s Statement: Okezone Sports

MARC Marquez officially appeared in Mandalika Circuit if one thing. The Baby Alien -Marc Marquez’s nickname – will appear at the Mandalika Circuit if he doesn’t experience any problems during the pre-season test MotoGP 2022 which will be held at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, on 5-6 February 2022. “Marc Marquez has been allowed to return … Read more