Latest mobile phones, waterproof mobile phones, beautiful cameras, HONOR Magic4 Pro, what are the specifications, how much does it cost?

latest mobile phone who is looking for waterproof mobile phone, beautiful camera phone must not miss HONOR Magic4 Pro from the camp HONOR A mobile phone that combines a beautiful camera, clear images, 100x zoom, only 15% fast charging, durable battery, beautiful design. HONOR Magic4 Pro SpecsWhat’s up? Check it out. HONOR Magic4 Pro HONOR … Read more

Summary of Honor Magic 4 Pro, the great flagship mantra, the camera screen is full of strength

During September, Honor has loads of new toys! both Honor 70 5G including Honor Magic 4 Pro Great Flag Mantra Full screen, Triple-Camera camera, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor chip, etc., although the price is quite high But the stuff that I wear is very brutal + really works πŸ™‚ Honor Magic 4 Pro specs … Read more

HONOR brings more privacy and security with the launch of the industry-first AI Privacy Call with the HONOR Magic 4 Pro

Users no longer have to worry about people listening in on their conversation when receiving a phone call in an enclosed, crowded place like an elevator or in generally quiet places. HONOR Magic4 Pro offers a new and innovative solution to audio leakage problem, which is an inconvenience to many smartphone users. The all-new phone … Read more