Air Force paid party and household expenses for officers and wife

Indictment Facts occurred at the Maceda Base, in Aveiro, between 2018 and 2021 Seven men with ties to the Air Force, including officers, and the wife of one of them were accused by the Public Ministry of Aveiro of various crimes, including undue receipt of advantage, embezzlement, abuse of power, denial of justice and prevarication. … Read more

A mother of four goes a long way by showing the true face of her household

And with that, how much of a mess there is sometimes. A mother from Georgia has become extremely popular on TikTok, but unlike usual, she does not show parenting or household practices, but quite the opposite – writes a Good Morning America. He uploaded a video back in December Brianna James, the footage shows the … Read more

Pension gap between men and women: is the calculation based on the household rate still appropriate?

But is this way of calculating still valid? Doesn’t it make the woman still financially dependent on her husband? In short, is this method of calculation egalitarian? For Pierre Devolder, this is a calculation method that clearly dates from the past but which benefits both members of the couple. “Even if the amount is paid … Read more

Miaoli City Health Center Activity Information ~ Free 8 evening holiday cancer screenings in March 2012, please qualified folks, seize the opportunity and come to check with your health insurance card! No household registration, please share more! – Miaoli County Government Health Bureau

In March 2012, the Miaoli City Health Center provided 8 free nighttime holiday cancer screenings. All qualified folks are invited to seize the opportunity and bring their health insurance cards to come for the inspection! No household registration is required, please share more! [Please share, not limited to household registration] In March 2012, the Miaoli … Read more

From medicines to household appliances, prices rise even as inflation falls

The prices of Non-durable goods they rise from +6.1% to +6.7% due to generalized increases in almost all the products that make up the aggregate: Water supply (from +3.5% to +4.4%; +1.7% since December), Non-durable household goods (from +14.1% to +14.6%; +0.3% compared to the previous month), Pharmaceutical products (+0.7%), Other products CARE (from -3.7% … Read more

How many people died in China?The number of canceled household registrations in various places has doubled | CCP virus | Chinese epidemic | New crown virus

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, January 26, 2023]China epidemiclead todeath tollsoaring.It has been reported that in the past two months,Cancellation of household registrationThe number has increased by 3 to 5 times than usual, especially in second- and third-tier cities. In December last year, the CCP suddenly prevented and controlled the epidemic without any preparations, … Read more

The number of household registration cancellations in many places has soared, and the demand for coffins in rural areas has soared | Death | Virus | Epidemic

[The Epoch Times, January 26, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Xia Song) The epidemic in China is surging, with a high proportion of severe cases anddieThe number has skyrocketed, medical treatment has been run on, and there are long queues at crematoria.Although the CCP tried its best to conceal the truth of the epidemic … Read more

Housing tax payable by heads of household: a scam takes the form of an official document from the City of Brussels

“Housing tax payable by the heads of household, Fee for the removal of household waste or THEM“A confused name that smacks of a scam. This title appears at the top of a document received by several inhabitants of Schaerbeek, who reported it in the Facebook group “La Schaerbeekoise” (over 20,000 members). The courier invites recipients … Read more