The Real Sikok For Duo

Viral Video of Youth in North Lampung Marrying Two Girls Still Cousins, Netizens: The Real Sikok For Duo Rahmadi’s wedding atmosphere with Dela Novita and Sri Yana. LAMPUNGPRO.CO/WA GROUP KOTABUMI ( Viral video of a young man from North Lampung marrying two women at once who are also cousins. This video of a young man … Read more

Kalidami River Covered with Foam, Surabaya DLH Suspected It was Due to Household Waste

Andreas (33), a listener of Suara Surabaya reported that the surface of the Kalidami River, Surabaya, was covered in white foam on Tuesday morning (2/8/2022). “Surprised, the rivers on the right and left of the bridge are full of foam,” he told Surabaya Voice Radio. He also uploaded a photo of the condition of the … Read more

Eurospin always surprises, it has rushed to the most coveted household appliance

It cannot be missing at home, especially if sold at such a competitive price that it is creating many queues outside the stores throughout Italy. He has come a long way since that 1993! Today Eurospin is one of the most popular discount chains that does not offer products that are convenient for the pockets … Read more

Telekom wants to improve Wi-Fi in homes. He will send technicians for free, it is paid according to the size of the household

The operator will offer the Wow Wi-Fi service for optical, as well as DSL and VDSL programs. The new Wow Wi-Fi service will be available from Monday. It should bring a good Wi-Fi signal to the entire home. The service will be sold as an add-on for all fixed internet connection methods. It will cost … Read more

Correctly shading the interior is extremely important

Not only is fire a good servant and a bad master, it’s a bit similar with the sun. Its warm rays are more of a nuisance in the summer months, so thoughtful shading should be an essential part of every house. We will also appreciate this in winter, when it protects precious heat from escaping … Read more

The end of an era: after the extraordinary decision of the European Central Bank, household loans will become more expensive

It is also the first such increase in 11 years. A week ago it was expected that in July ECB will raise the rate by 0.25 percent, but Bloomberg and Reuters sources later reported about 0.5 percent. point possibility. As a result, the euro has strengthened against the dollar in recent days. A bigger first … Read more

[양경섭 세무사의 절세비법 93] 1 household, 1 homeowner’s property tax, the longer you hold it, the lower the tax burden

Kyung-seop Yang, Representative Tax Accountant of Onse Tax Group / Specialized Tax Accountant in Inheritance and Gift Real Estate In the case of a single householder, if the publicly announced housing price exceeds KRW 1.1 billion, the tax is imposed. One household, one homeowner can also apply for the elderly tax credit and long-term owner … Read more

Towards a rent allowance of 125 euros per household in Wallonia

“With my colleague Philippe Henry (Ecolo), we are going to set up, for January 1, a monthly rent allowance intended for those who have priority on the waiting lists to obtain social housing”, specified the minister. The point should be approved this Friday by the Walloon government. The measure would concern just under 12,000 households … Read more

[SBS 미운 우리 새끼] 300 times ‘Miu Bird’, 2 weeks in a row, 2049 overall 1st place x Household weekly variety show 1st place!

[SBS 미운 우리 새끼] Episode 300 ‘Miwoo Bird’ [시사토픽뉴스]SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’, which celebrated its 300th episode, solidified its position as a ‘national entertainment show’ by winning the 2049 weekly viewership ratings for two weeks in a row and the household ratings weekly variety show first. According to Nielsen Korea, ‘My Little Old Boy’, … Read more

JSM Indomaret PROMO July 10, 2022: Natural Shampoo, Eggs, Household Necessities Big Discount!

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – The following is JSM Indomaret Promo which is only valid for 3 days from 8 to 10 July 2022. Tribunners! There is a super cheap promo from Indomaret that you shouldn’t miss. Starting from kitchen needs to household products. In this Indomaret JSM Promo you can take home Natur Shampoo at a discounted … Read more