United Kingdom: A scientific “Truman Show” to create the housing of the future

In the north of England, a huge laboratory is capable of recreating the most extreme climatic conditions. The objective: to test the energy efficiency of future homes, and help builders make the best choices, while gas and energy prices in general are reaching peaks in the country.(Video: AFP/chs)

Portugal is an exception to the drop in house prices in Europe | Housing

Across Europe, the most recent statistical data are starting to confirm the predictions made last year: after years of successive records, the trajectory of sharp growth in house prices seems to be coming to an end and values ​​are already to fall in several countries, Nordics at the head. Portugal, marked by a chronic lack … Read more

Notodden, Housing | Ingeborg (19) wants out of the apartment as soon as possible: – I want to terminate the lease, but the landlord refuses

28.01.23 06:33 28.01.23 06:34 It hasn’t been such a good start to student life in Notodden for Ingeborg Loe Jensen. Three months after she moved into the collective flat in Kongsbergveien 10, she discovered traces of vermin. It would prove to be difficult to clean up.

Historical sales figures: – May lead to a lower housing offer

On Tuesday, Boligprodutenenes Forening’s housing statistics for 2022 came out. It showed the lowest sales figures since the financial crisis. – Many projects have been put on hold or cancelled, and unfortunately we are seeing resignations and redundancies in the industry, says managing director of the Boligproduserenes Association, Lars Jacob Hiim. He is concerned about … Read more

Higher “utility” and loan interest rates are driving the housing market

With the rise of “Euribor” and the subsequent increase in the price of mortgage loans, the availability of housing has decreased, potentially shifting attention to the rental market. The interviewed experts admit that this year the activity of buying and selling property could be lower than last year, but therefore do not expect significant changes … Read more

Housing tax payable by heads of household: a scam takes the form of an official document from the City of Brussels

“Housing tax payable by the heads of household, Fee for the removal of household waste or THEM“A confused name that smacks of a scam. This title appears at the top of a document received by several inhabitants of Schaerbeek, who reported it in the Facebook group “La Schaerbeekoise” (over 20,000 members). The courier invites recipients … Read more

They have been speculating about the risks for a good year: who programmed the latani consensus problem in housing projects and what will happen now

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How to humanize a panel housing estate – the case of Lucien Kroll

* In 1994, a Belgian architect arrived Lucien Kroll to Berlin. The question for him was: What could be done with the block of flats in the district of Hellersdorf? Kroll, known for his “humanization” projects, designed a 25-year-old project to rebirth on a more palatable scale. In cooperation with residents. The plan did not … Read more

New housing price index Q4/22 increased

Real estate information center Revealing the housing price index Q4/2012 found a new housing price index. and new condominiums increased by 2.7% from the previous year and increased by 2.4% from Q3/2022, while the price index for new condominiums under sale in Bangkok-perimeter decreased by -0.6 compared to the same period last year and decreased … Read more