Personal credit allows you to buy a house with 100% financing | families

Some families are able to buy housing with 100% financing of the purchase price. That is, without having their own savings amount, the so-called “down payment”, to ensure the credit differential that the bank cannot lend, as a result of the limitations introduced by Banco de Portugal (BdP) in the macroprudential measure for credit, 2018, … Read more

Housing loan of DKK 400 million

A lot has changed in the life of the artist Adele (34) in recent years. In 2020, she got hers much discussed weight loss great attention in international media. Is she confirming the relationship here? Early last year, the artist also became official divorced from ex-husband Simon Konecki (48), with whom she shares custody of … Read more

Deadlock in the housing market: prices too high for interest rates

De Hypotheker, a chain of mortgage advisers, writes this on the basis of its own data. The decrease is not an expected seasonal effect, because compared to the same month a year earlier, it is even a drop of 32 percent. Less affordable According to the mortgage adviser, the decline is the result of persistently … Read more

The increase slowed down, but… Three concerns in housing… The year-end average price was astonishing – Actual

According to Endeksa data, as of the end of June, the annual value increase in housing sales prices in Turkey was at the level of 182 percent, while the average residential square meter sales price increased to 9 thousand 979 TL. However, it is stated that the price increases peaked at 14.7 percent in May … Read more

Be quiet introduces new coolers and housing at its twentieth anniversary – Computer – News

The German manufacturer be quiet is introducing a new FX line in honor of its 20th anniversary. It involves several components: a new PC case, an all-in-one water cooler and an air cooler. The be quiet . PC case gets named Pure Base 500 FX and comes with three 120mm fans and a single 140mm … Read more

Expensive loans crippled the housing market. There are few interested parties, but the sellers refuse to reduce the price

As recently as last year, those interested in buying apartments and family houses were “haggling”. They often overpaid the price of the offered real estate, it was usually sold in a few days. This year it is different, more than half of the properties are waiting for buyers for several months. The supply is greater … Read more

Solar panels not only on the roof: Price, subsidies, efficiency and durability

How do solar panels work? Solar or more precisely photovoltaic panels produce electricity from sunlight. For this, they use the photovoltaic phenomenon, in which a semiconductor material creates a direct current due to the impact of the sun’s rays. This is converted by an inverter into alternating current that can be used in ordinary electrical … Read more

The housing minister sees dark clouds hanging over housing construction

A transcript from Dagens Nyheter, 2022-07-30 02:53 Original address of the article: Updated 2022-07-28 Published 2022-07-28 Housing Minister Johan Danielsson (S) is worried about the slowdown in housing construction. Photo: Roger Turesson The housing authority expects the construction rate to fall by 30-40 percent next year compared to the peak year of 2021. Housing … Read more