Hugs and reunions after the reopening of the US-Mexico border

Step – After almost 20 months of restrictions, the United States reopened its land border with Mexico on Monday, November 8, to allow the entry of non-essential travelers who are fully vaccinated against covid-19. The day was quite orderly and far from the chaos that many feared. At 10:01 pm local time —12:01 am EST … Read more

Meloni and Salvini, two allies too similar not to be rivals. Story of an endless quarrel (behind the hugs) –

from Tommaso Labate The competition for the leadership of the center-right coalition between the two leaders who humanly hardly ever endured each other “But did he really say that?” Does he say to me that I am the radical right? But in Europe he is with Le Pen! ». Hard to believe today, while the … Read more

Małgorzata Rozenek eats pizza and hugs Radosław Majdan on a date (PHOTOS)

It is wonderful to observe rage, fury, aggression, thrashing, helpless actions, desperation, stupid acts, constant dressing up and walking around the streets, chaotic statements by Małgorzata Majdanek, who after the recent alcohol scandal in Sopot and a short summary of her NOTHING by Kuba Wojewódzki was launched with TVN, along with his livestock, W KOSMOS, … Read more

Hugs and hugs at the Court-Saint-Étienne municipal council that go badly

The swearing in of new elected officials and the departure of Yves Somville caused some deviations from the health rules. Tuesday evening, the elected officials of Court-Saint-Étienne met on the occasion of the return of the municipal council face-to-face, after a year and a half of virtual advice. The joy of seeing some colleagues again, … Read more

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou arrives in China, Treudeau hugs citizens released by Beijing

ILLUSTRATION. Huawei Technologies Finance Director Meng Wanzhou. REUTERS/Jennifer Gauthier Source: Reuters | Editor: Herlina Kartika Dewi KONTAN.CO.ID – SHENZHEN. Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou arrived in China on Saturday (25/9), ending her nearly three-year struggle for US extradition. The same day, two Canadians detained by Beijing for more than 1,000 days returned home, potentially … Read more

stories of hugs that waited a year and a half

The dazzling landscape of the Andes mountain range, on the border between Mendoza and Chile, revives the old times of passenger transit to the Pacific Sea. Although limited to few Argentines, the reopening this week of the international crossing It is celebrated in the Cuyo province as a great event. 18 months have passed since … Read more

Paweł Kukiz hugs Robert Mazurek after an interview with RMF FM

Paweł Kukiz did not spare his bitter words to the media today. Already in the morning, in an interview with Polsat News, he called for a TVN journalist who spoke negatively about him. – And suddenly everyone accuses me, because in Sopot a woman from this TVN comes out and says at one point: “Here … Read more

prof. Dr. Ouztrk: Stay away from hugs or handshakes

Ankara City Hospital Emergency Medicine Clinic Education Officer Prof. Dr. Hakan Ouztrk warned citizens about avoiding contact on Eid al-Adha. prof. Dr. In his statement to the HA reporter, Ouztrk said that the Delta variant has a tendency to spread in the last period and that this variant is 60 percent more contagious than the … Read more