Inflation hurts even more for Hungarian retirees, and the situation may worsen

While the deterioration in money in December compared to the same period last year was 7.4 per cent as in November, the situation of pensioners deteriorated: their annual inflation It was up 20 basis points to 6.7 percent. Thus, it may be justified that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his government have frozen the prices … Read more

Szijjártó: The sexual education of Hungarian children is the exclusive right of the parents

“The education of Hungarian children regarding sexual orientation is the exclusive right of Hungarian parents,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade emphasized on his Facebook page on Thursday. Peter Szijjártó wrote that “Another international bureaucrat today”, Dunja Mijatovic, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rightsjoined the international LGBT choir attacking Hungary ”. Dunja Mijatovic … Read more

Handsome partner of his daughter Sandy: They have been living in great love with Blanka for six years – Hungarian star

Bar Sandy At first, his parents did not look well to Csaba Bogdán, 16 years older, who had tender feelings, and their daughter could not resist his suitor. There was a sense that the real thing for the musician, now 23 years old, was that they were living in a happy marriage. Their relationship gave … Read more

Hungarian police fired at the smuggler, he had 30 migrants in the car

According to the website, the van was approaching the border at high speed and the driver did not respond to the police patrol’s calls to stop. The van’s driver directed the car to the police, who had to jump. “At the last moment, the policeman jumped in front of a fast-moving car and his … Read more

Bigger fish buys big fish in Hungarian health care – Da Vinci private clinic in Pécs sold out

Doktor24 has become one of the largest private health care providers in the country after signing a contract to purchase the largest private health care institution in the countryside in the last days of the year, the purchasing parties announced. The Doktor24 group of companies and its partner, UNION Biztosító, purchase Da Vinci Egészségügyi Szolgáltató … Read more

The Hungarian trucks are parked because there is no driver, the salary of 800 thousand is not attractive either

“The general experience is that principals are fully committed to the capacity of road hauliers, and in most cases the increase in performance is limited by the lack of drivers and not by the lack of sufficient means of transport,” he said. To VG Tivadar Árvay, Acting Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Hungarian … Read more

The new leader certified by Shell is one of the richest Hungarian energy companies

January 03, 2022 On January 1, 2022, the MET Group appointed Sven Kirch a new Chief Financial Officer. The CEO of the Swiss-based but mostly Hungarian-owned European energy company is Benjamin Lakatos, one of the richest Hungarians. On the latest list of the 50 richest Hungarians Locksmith Benjamin on the 39th, With an estimated assets … Read more

The Hungarian labor market could be severely disrupted

Serious disturbances can be expected in the Hungarian labor market due to the huge shortage of professionals, he said For InfoRadio Secretary General of the National Association of Entrepreneurs. László Perlusz also highlighted another burning problem, namely that there are many professions where there is little supply. There are few car mechanics, room painters, and … Read more

Foreign Policy: The Hungarian election affects the fate of the world

According to the foreign policy magazine, Viktor Orbán treats the country as a fiduciary estate, but will decide in the spring elections what will happen to him in the future. The U.S. Foreign Policy has compiled a compilation of what elections to look for in the world in 2022. Hungary also receives a lot of … Read more

Head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, decorated with the Russian Order of Friendship

The head of Hungarian diplomacy was awarded for developing “Russian-Hungarian relations”. Minister Szijjártó wrote on Facebook that he is “proud to maintain cooperation with Moscow based on mutual interests and trust, despite discouraging global and regional trends.” He pointed out that Hungary’s success in fighting the European energy crisis and the coronavirus pandemic resulted from … Read more