The amputee sportsman changed his wife, his father spoke Hungarian, the Hungarian national football player was punished

Saturday also held a lot of interesting things for sports lovers. Roman Kosztomarov returned home and changed his wife, Loic Neg was punished by Vidi, Kristf Rasovszky was bleeding from the nose, Balzs Baji got married secretly, 42-minute extra time in the soccer match, C. Ronaldo and Erling Haaland also played a spell. We show … Read more

We would not have thought this: the owners of the major Hungarian banks did an amazing thing

We will deal with similar topics at Portfolio’s Credit 2023 conference on May 4th, it is worth registering for the event as soon as possible! The Hungarian banking sector achieved a non-consolidated profit of HUF 485 billion last year, the details are summarized here. After OTP was the last to publish its quick report, we … Read more

A reappraisal of the practice, or why ambassadors already receive the Order of the Hungarian Horseman – Politics

© Velko Angelov Two weeks ago, American Ambassador Hero Mustafa was awarded the Order of the Hungarian Horseman, and this broke the long-standing tradition of the highest-ranking US diplomat being sent off at the end of his term with the highest state award – Stara Planina. In response to Dnevnik’s questions, the institutions stated that … Read more

Hungarian sailors escaped from a sinking ship

March 12, 2023 – 2:12 p.m A German freighter sank on the Danube near Regensburg, Germany, with the Hungarian helmsman and captain on board, reports MTI. The cargo ship Achim was transporting iron ore from Regensburg in Bavaria to Linz in Austria. However, early Friday afternoon, she sank in an 11.30-meter-deep lock chamber next to … Read more

Outside the home – “Hungarian health care is now receiving the coup d’état” – GPs react to the transformation of the on-call system

„Egy nap fölkelni úgy, hogy nincs hasznos teendő? Hát az nekem valami nagyon furcsa dolog lenne” – kezdte az ország legidősebb háziorvosa, az idén a száz évet betöltő Körmendi István. Édesapjától vette át a praxist 66 évvel ezelőtt, még ma is minden nap rendel a budai lakásrendelőben. Azt mesélte, ő még a családok orvosa volt: … Read more

The Hungarian futsal national team took the lead, but not the victory, so they are forced into the World Cup alternate qualifier

It took four minutes to win, and the exit on the straight branch was gone. The Hungarian futsal team played a 1-1 draw in Debrecen on Tuesday night with the Croatian national team, which is already a sure first in the group, so they can only earn their place in the playoffs. In October, the … Read more

One million defected believers, burnt-out priests and political vulnerability also indicate the crisis of the Hungarian Catholic Church

In several Hungarian dioceses, the bishops answered the Vatican’s question to the faithful: what should the Catholic Church reform? Pope Francis’ new visit to Hungary may be aimed at suppressing clericalism.

The government is apparently worried that sabotage could hit the mainstay of the Hungarian economy

The first Monday is the parliamentary season opener in his speech Prime Minister Viktor Orbán put it this way, clearly referring to the Turkish Stream, through which we receive gas from Serbia: I would like to remind you that the southern interconnector, through which gas arrives in Hungary, has become the mainstay of the Hungarian … Read more

It’s not over yet: there was bad news about the Hungarian Covid situation

The concentration of the genetic material of the coronavirus in wastewater is slightly increasing, the National Center for Public Health (NNK) announced on its website on Wednesday. They wrote: in terms of the national average, the concentration of the genetic material of the coronavirus in the wastewater rose again in the 8th week. Stagnation can … Read more