Police Headquarters intervenes to hunt BRI robbers Link Way Bungur, access to East Lampung is blocked

Police Headquarters intervenes to hunt BRI robbers Link Way Bungur, access to East Lampung is blocked Police Processing the BRI Robbery Scene, Link Way Bungur | Lampungpro.co/Suara.com SUKADANA (Lampungpro.co): The National Police Headquarters intervened, investigated and hunted down the perpetrators of the BRI Link robbery in Add Subur Village, Way Bungur, East Lampung on Friday … Read more

Pet hunt for hamsters in Hong Kong – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from the authorities regarding coronary heart disease. Stay up to date in NRK’s ​​overview, or through FHIs nettsider. The despair was palpable outside the reception center where the small fur-clad pets were to be handed in. – I do not want, I do … Read more

Intense drone hunt for several observations in Sweden

Since Friday, several observations of drones have been reported in Sweden. On Friday, drones were reported over three nuclear power plants, and on Monday another drone was observed over the nuclear power plant in Forsmark, as well as over airports and the castle in the middle of Stockholm. On Tuesday night, further reports came of … Read more

The fate of Chelsea after losing to Man City, the hunt for the title is bought?

Manchester City dashed hopes of a tattered English Premier League title for Chelsea. The Citizens won 1-0 at the Etihad last Saturday. Pep Guardiola’s squad appeared far more dominant than indicated by the final score. Thomas Tuchel now has to consider the implications of losing to the best team in England. Editor’s Choice Last season, … Read more

Not performance, Shevchenko fired by Genoa because of former AC Milan hunt?

Genoa allegedly sacked Andriy Shevchenko not because of bad results, but because of player transfer problems. INDOSPORT.COM – Genoa allegedly sacked Andriy Shevchenko not because of bad results, but the problem of player transfers. Shocking news was heard from the realm of Italian football on Saturday (15/01/22) night WIB. Italian Serie A bottom club, Genoa, … Read more

“The hunt for love” – ​​This is how it went with the “Hunt” couples

For a number of years “ready to marry” farmers have met hopeful suitors in “Jakten på kjærligheten” on TV 2. Although far from everyone has managed to find their better half in the reality show, the romantic TV series has helped more people find love. But what about those who found each other and became … Read more

Unusual | United States: police prefer to hunt Pokémon rather than thieves

Two Los Angeles police officers who would rather hunt Pokémon than hunt thieves have been fired. Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were patrolling the streets of the city in April 2017 in search of these fantastic creatures using the famous augmented reality game installed on their phones. When co-workers made a call for reinforcements regarding … Read more

The hunt for Pelatnas tickets is getting hotter, many winners are defeated in the 2022 PBSI National Selection

DOCK. INDONESIAN BADMINTON M. Raynaldi Oktavianur Rizky/Ridya Aulia Fatasya (Central Java) when appearing at the 2022 PBSI National Selection at Pelatnas Cipayung, DKI Jakarta. BOLASPORT.COM – Competition to get tickets is a part Cipayung National Training Center took place fiercely in the National Selection (National Selection) PBSI 2022. Lots of surprises popping up on National … Read more

Vanago forecast: T1 + class car hunt to start after Dakar

Sharing the impressions of the race, Benedict Vanag recalled that in November-December last year, doubts were heard on the lips of a frequent Dakar fan about the success of the updated specification T1 + class. In just a few months, cars built by Toyota and BRX’s factory teams or refurbished from old models have not … Read more

Deadline Day: Arema Make Sure to End Player Hunt

Entering the deadline day, Wednesday (12/1/2022), Arema’s management ensured to end the hunt for players in the transfer market for the 2021-2022 League 1 half season. Transfer window At the same time, the registration of the new players will end today, at 23:59 WIB. Previously, it was rumored that Arema would give a surprise in … Read more