Arsenal defeated Hurricane –

Arsenal defeated Huracán 1-0 in Sarandí and closed its participation in the Diego Maradona Cup in fourth place in Group A. Arsenal defeated well Hurricane despite the fact that the match faced two teams that fell by the wayside and only played the match to say goodbye with a victory. Ass came from beating Independiente … Read more

Final Result – Arsenal 1 Hurricane 0 – Diego Maradona Cup 2021 Zone A Champion Phase

Goal of Bruno Baez.

Sunday, January 10, 2021. Arsenal, under the command of Sergio Rondina will be measured with Hurricane captained by Israel Damonte for the champion phase of the Diego Maradona Cup. The match will take place in the stadium Julio Humberto Grondona of the city of Sarandí from 19:20 and will have the arbitration of Nazareno Arasa. “Those of the Viaduct” arrive at this last date after beating Independiente 4 to 3. While the «Globo» of Parque Patricios lost 1-0 to Argentinos Juniors.

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In the eye of the hurricane

By Pablo Gustavo Diaz Political Marketing Consultant If it were possible to graph this year 2020 that we live in Argentina, I would do it with the metaphor of “the perfect storm”. These types of storms are generally produced by the meeting of the great masses of cold air that descend from the north pole … Read more

How is the tie breaking in case of equality in the groups of the Championship Phase?

After the triumphs of Boca and River in the previous Superclásico, both are tied in everything in Zone A. The Maradona Cup It was the contest with which the brand new Professional Soccer League of Argentina decided to resume activity after the extensive stoppage due to coronavirus that hit the First Division for seven months. … Read more

Hurricane season broke record in 2020

A hurricane season above normal, that was the legacy he left this 2020 in the Atlantic. The final numbers, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), were 30 named tropical storms, including 13 hurricanes and six mega hurricanes. “This is the highest number of storms recorded, exceeding 28 in 2005 and the second highest number … Read more

After the storm | The Herald

Hurricane Iota left a disaster of capital proportions. In a well-known national medium, a journalist commented that “hurricanes have no heart and they always tend to attack the most vulnerable.” And it is like this: disasters come and what we can do is stop, recover and learn to prepare better. The response to a critical … Read more

2020 North Atlantic hurricane season breaks records

Francisco Martin Leon Today 8 min Image of five named tropical systems in the Atlantic on September 14, 2020 Courtesy of NOAA Putting the busiest season in recorded history in context During the season they developed 30 tropical storms named (storms with winds of 39 mph 63 km / h or more), including 13 hurricanes … Read more

“Hurricane Cristina”: the Cabinet, again at the center of the storm

En the diverse government scene, they comment that there are two national ministers with the “chopped ticket”: Marcela Losardo and Ginés González García. After Cristina Kirchner’s harsh speech at the Estadio Único de La Plata, the list of the possible replacement in the Cabinet could be extended, but beyond the time that Alberto Fernández could … Read more

Queen Letizia travels to Honduras after hurricane damage

Queen Letizia travels to Honduras this Monday to convey Spain’s support to the authorities and NGOs of the Central American country after the serious damage caused by hurricanes Iota and Eta and to deliver humanitarian aid from Spanish cooperation to help those affected. The objective of the trip, which will last for two days, is … Read more

Worrying: Caribbean’s 2020 hurricane season surpassed all-time records

The formation of between 13 and 19 tropical storms was expected, but 30 occurred, of which hurricanes Eta and Iota were formed, which affected the San Andrés archipelago. Photo: EFE / Mauricio Dueñas CastañedaThe Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) presented a report in which an analysis is carried out about the behavior … Read more