Energy: how in one night it rained a profit of €600,000 for hydroelectric production

We’ve been talking about for months windfall profits, or gains fallen from the sky, among some electricity producers who are billing large sums on the ride of the high prices of plants powered by natural gas. But if you think 180 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) is a high price for electricity (and it is), … Read more

Ddl competition, the goal of closing in June fades: postponed to July. The Pd sideways on the tender for hydroelectric concessions

The approval in the Senate of the competition billnow stopped in the Industry Committee at Palazzo Madama where they were presented a thousand amendments. Thus vanishes the government’s objective of carrying out the text a Junebefore launching the one for 2022 (the Recovery plan provides for one to be presented per year). This is the … Read more

Tidal turbine: Ricoh unveils a mini hydroelectric power plant for small streams

The idea of generate electricity from the drainage system of a factory or an irrigation canal interest you? Note that the Japanese company Ricoh has developed a system to make this possible. baptized 3D-Pico Hydro Generator Systemthe solution proposed by the company consists of a mini hydroelectric power station capable of generating electrical energy even … Read more

Hydroelectric, revolt against the government decree for the tender for concessions. “Colonization risk”, “Lack of reciprocity”

It is almost an insurrection that of the large Italian energy operators against the hypothesis of competing for concessions for hydroelectric plants, the many dams that scatter the valleys and mountains of the country, mostly in the North. The standard is included in the Competition bill on which hearings in the Senate are taking place. … Read more

Mining Bitcoin with hydroelectric energy, the decision of a small town in Trentino

A Borgo d’Anaunia, a small town in the Val di Non (Trento), they want to install “a supercomputing center to do the mining di Bitcoin” inside the municipal hydroelectric power station. He tells us about it “The sun 24 hours“, explaining that the decision was taken on the last day of last year, approving an … Read more

The two twentysomethings who resurrect hydroelectric plants: in addition to energy, they now produce Bitcoin

They build computer centers and install them directly in hydroelectric power plants of northern Italy. Their power is mostly used to produce cryptovalute, however, using only clean energy. There Alps Blockchain of Trento, born three years ago, has already set up some 18 located throughout the Alps but also in regions such as Tuscany and … Read more

An explosion occurred at the Kisköre hydroelectric power plant

Under unexplained circumstances, an explosion occurred at the Kisköre hydroelectric power plant in the early hours of Monday afternoon – he found out and Road Csaba Nagy from a county disaster response spokesperson. Great Monday night about Blikket about it informed himthat firefighters marched to the scene with five cars, four people were brought up … Read more

There was an explosion at the Kisköre hydroelectric power plant, there are several injured

There was an explosion at the Kisköre hydroelectric plant on Monday afternoon, and several people were injured, the disaster relief and rescue services informed. Pál Győrfi, a spokesman for the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ), told MTI: four men suffered severe burns. The Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Central Hospital has informed the MTI that the man who came … Read more