Norway must invest in super-flexible hydropower

Hydropower will be worldwide double until 2050. Although Norway and Europe are well developed, Africa and Asia have untapped hydropower potential. In Norway, we have been spoiled with a lot of good hydropower resources that have already been developed. We are a country with large falls, which makes our hydropower essential less space-consuming than in … Read more

The government: Pause re-examination of the hydropower permit

A transcript from Dagens Nyheter, 2022-12-14 02:26 Original address of the article: Updated 12/12/2022 Published 2022-12-12 The review of the hydropower’s environmental permit is to be postponed for a year, the government announced at a press conference on Monday. This despite the fact that Sweden is behind the timetable set by the EU. – … Read more

The power plant’s water pipe in Garut is broken, allegedly due to soil movement – The water pipe for the Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTM) owned by PT Tirta Gemah Ripah (GTR) in Bungbulang District, Garut Regency, West Java has burst. This event is thought to have been triggered by ground movement. The video of the water pipe breaking was widely circulated on messaging applications. In the video, … Read more

FRP will send Vedum’s new hydropower tax to the Supreme Court

The Minister of Finance asks the Storting to consider whether he is allowed to increase the tax on hydropower from 1 January this year. The FRP will forward the question to the Supreme Court. Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp) needed the money, and set the date for increased tax on hydropower to 1 January … Read more

First, hydropower. So petroleum. Thorium next?

Photo: Wikipedia. advertisement advertisement Cables from Norway to the continent and the British Isles, energy crisis on the continent and war in Ukraine have in a short time given Norwegian hydropower completely new “surroundings”. Power generation in southern Norway no longer enjoys “technological and geographical protection”. This, and an increasing commercialization of the industry in … Read more

Solar power can become bigger than hydropower in Norway – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

– We have a lot to do. People are completely wild, at want solar cells on the roof now, says Erik Surouvy from the company Solcellespesialisten. Together with his colleague Farid Tanan, he has installed 270 solar panels on the roof of a business building in Billingstad in Asker, west of Oslo. The plant will … Read more

Experts clarify doubts: Why is Sichuan, the largest hydropower province in China, short of electricity? – Viewpoint · Observation – cnBeta.COM

Under the high temperature “baking” test, my country’s energy is under pressure: many places have started to use electricity in an orderly manner, and coal power generation has guaranteed supply. Statistics show that the installed capacity of hydropower in Sichuan has exceeded 90 million kWh this year, making it the largest hydropower province in the … Read more

This is a giant hydropower plant belonging to the Kalla Group that made Jokowi spray the president of PLN

“I emphasize that the bureaucracy, especially at PLN, really pays attention to the President Director (Darmawan Prasodjo), don’t let there be any more complaints like Mr. Jusuf Kalla said, licensing negotiations take more than 5 years,” said Jokowi during the inauguration of the hydropower plant in Poso, Friday (25/2).