Álvaro Gómez Hurtado: Mauricio Gómez talks about the hypothesis of his father’s death – Conflict and Drug Trafficking – Justice

It must be said very clearly: the victims of violence in this country and their families seek justice and seek truth; justice and truth. One is impossible without the other, because a justice done with lies and cover-ups is not at all and because it is also a re-victimization of those of us who have … Read more

Elisa Pilarski killed by dogs: an expert brings up a new hypothesis and contradicts the family

The investigation into the death of Elisa Pilarki continues. In November 2019, and while she was six months pregnant, the young woman was fatally bitten by one or more dogs in the forest of Retz. Since this fatal attack, his relatives want to know what happened. Owner of a pit bull, named Curtis, Elisa Pilarki … Read more

F1, Ferrari: Vettel’s future in the balance, a new hypothesis appears

What the future of Sebastian Vettel is far from Ferrari has been official for months now. It is more surprising, however, how the relationship between the four-time world champion and the Maranello stable has deteriorated, including misunderstandings with the pits and sparks with the team principal Mattia Binotto. A very disappointing season that, according to … Read more

Iliad Fastweb, hypothesis approach. Consolidation in telco

Equita analysts see a marriage between Iliad and Fastweb as possible in the medium term. Back strongly among the insiders and the financial analysts the issue of consolidation in the telephony market. Not only in Italy but throughout Europe. The issue is raised again by the proposal of the American Liberty Global to acquire the … Read more

Suggestive exchange hypothesis, would you do it?

Some sources of information speculate the exchange between Paulo Dybala and Paul Pogba, would you do it? VOTE HERE TELL US YOURS sergio.proietti.969 commented: Never in life … It doesn’t exist! DYBALA IS “PRESENT AND FUTURE CAPTAIN! STOP ivan.martoni commented: No absolutely not, Dybala is the last champion who will remain when Ronaldo leaves (next … Read more

Cruises, Adriatic dilemma in the restart of Costa: the Trieste hypothesis is evaluated

Doubts of the naval company on Marghera as a base. A “mixed” solution is possible starting in Venice. Thamm: The calendar soon Massimo Greco 09 August 2020 TRIESTE Venice or not Venice, this is the dilemma. A Costa Cruises in Hamlet version has not yet given an answer whether the Adriatic restart of the company, … Read more

Totti and Blasi, 15 years of marriage tease the bookies: the hypothesis of a fourth child is high | Our bets

Thirty years di Roma and half since married to Ilary Blasi. Francesco Totti recently celebrated her wedding anniversary with her better half. If the first love story (the one in the Giallorossi) is over – even if it could start again with the advent of the new ownership – the relationship between the former captain … Read more

Young children could be important factors of contagion of the coronavirus in the population, a hypothesis going against the policy of deconfinement

According to an American study published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics, the level of genetic material of the coronavirus detected in the nose of children under five years of age is 10 to 100 times higher than that found in older children and adults. “Therefore, young children can potentially be major contributors to SARS-CoV-2 … Read more

Florence, 60 years old found dead in the house. He has stab wounds, murder hypothesis

Florence, July 16, 2020 – Investigations on the death of a man 62 years old, former footballer of historical football with the blues, who was found dead in an apartment of via Rocca Tedalda, in the southern area of ​​Florence. He has wounds in the abdomen and according to the first hypotheses he would have … Read more