ANSA / Music: Pimpinela and “the year that time stopped”

By Marco Vidal (ANSA) – BUENOS AIRES NOV 29 – The Argentine duo Pimpinela reunited with their audience with their first streaming recital for all of Latin America entitled “The year that time stopped”, an appointment in which the Galán brothers lamented the loss of family members suffered by many people due to the coronavirus … Read more

how will the weather be during the weekend

Some are expected to be locally strong, with abundant falling water in short periods, strong electrical activity, falling hail of various sizes and gusts. Precipitation between 30 and 70 mm is estimated for this day, and can be overcome in a localized way, especially in the north of Santa Fe, center and south of Corrientes, … Read more

With Trump’s departure, the cracks in Europe widen again

BRUSSELS – Donald Trump’s presidency was marked by exceptional disregard for European allies and the NATO alliance. But it also forced European nations to consider whether they had become too dependent on the United States for leadership and their own security, and to ponder how far they were willing to go to defend themselves. But … Read more

Local support contracts: the future of priority education?

Secretary of State Nathalie Elimas announced in the press on Sunday, November 22 a project of experimentation in three academies of “local support contracts”, which could foreshadow changes in priority education policy from 2022. The SE -Unsa alert on several points of vigilance. What restructuring of priority education? For three years, rumors have been running … Read more

In England football can be played with the public from December 2

The details Fans will be able to return to England’s football stadiums from December 2, albeit with no more than 4,000 spectators, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced. By: Drafting The confinement is expected to end on that date due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, which was decreed by the country’s authorities at … Read more

United States: Trump leaves, his seeds remain

Now that Donald Trump has lost the election, it is important to do a forensic analysis of what went wrong with American democracy and, at the same time, acknowledge its “antibodies.” Because although Trump has been definitively defeated, the caudillo continues to expand his attacks on democracy, denying democratic electoral procedures and promoting a kind … Read more

these are the differences between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, often reveals very practical work tricks career, but this time he wanted to share his thoughts about Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, and Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space X. Both, along with Bill Gates, are considered two of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide by have brilliant … Read more

Chelsea prevails to Newcastle in the Premier, is leader

Tammy Abraham scores her third consecutive goal for Chelsea, who beat Newcastle 2-0 to temporarily take over the lead in the English Premier League NEWCASTLE, England (AP) _ Tammy Abraham scored her third straight goal for Chelsea, who beat Newcastle 2-0 on Saturday to temporarily take over the lead in the English Premier League. Chelsea … Read more

Tennis: Zeballos and Granollers fell in the semifinals of the London Master

The Spanish, who had been touched by the shoulder and had retired in the previous match, and the Argentine could not access their first final as a couple in this tournament, where Granollers already triumphed in 2012, along with Marc López. Granollers and Zeballos thus ended their season with the 1000 Masters in Rome as … Read more

Argentina may miss another tailwind due to bad business climate

The Economist Ricardo Arriazu estimates that the value of the harvest could increase by US$5.000 millones next year as a result of the international rise in the price of grains. Soy, the oilseed so vilified by the ruling party, is currently listed in US $ 430 per ton, the highest price in the last six … Read more