Vaccination against covid in Ibagué, Popayán, Bucaramanga and Pasto – Other Cities – Colombia

If you live in Ibagué, Popayán, Bucaramanga or Pasto, or if you are visiting this city, you can go to one of the following points to receive the vaccine against covid-19Either first, second or third dose. (What’s more: 2022 begins in Cali with an invitation to get vaccinated due to the increase in covid) However, … Read more

Burger King expands in Argentina and projects 2022 as leaders in quality

Brand Studio para Burger King 2021 was a year of transformation, adaptation and innovation for companies in a pandemic context. For many it was an opportunity to grow and develop their potential, investing in providing prompt responses to consumers. Burger King Argentina He was not far behind and inaugurated the year by modifying his visual image, … Read more

Starlink: performance deteriorates

It has been a few months now that Starlink offers a very high speed satellite access offer. Elon Musk’s project is thus to offer a connection to the Web from any corner of the globe. The service uses SpaceX rockets to position hundreds of mini satellites in orbit, with the aim of providing a sufficiently … Read more

Has the vaccination ceiling been reached in the City?

Out of a total population of 3 million, it is estimated that 80% of the neighbors of the City of Buenos Aires received both doses of the vaccine against him coronavirus. The data is official and arises from the national, free and voluntary strategic plan that is carried out in Buenos Aires. This happens when … Read more

Uruguayan Cristina Peri Rossi wins the 2021 Cervantes Prize

Born in Montevideo, 79 years ago, Cristina Peri Rossi is the brand new winner of the Cervantes Prize in its 47th edition. The award is the most prestigious of the Hispanic letters -the “Nobel” of Literature in Spanish- and is endowed with 125,000 euros. The writer, author of Crazy people’s nave and Lonely of love, … Read more

you can and officially

Microsoft launched Windows 11, its new operating system, on Tuesday. Although it is a step forward in terms of design and functions, The truth is that the company set the bar a bit high in terms of the minimum requirements: having an eighth-generation processor of Intel or Zen + by Ryzen, that is, 2016 onwards. … Read more

announced that it is moving Tesla headquarters from California to Texas

Elon Musk announced this Thursday during the shareholders’ meeting of Tesla than the headquarters of the luxury electric car maker will move from the Californian town of Palo Alto to Austin, in the state of Texas. Musk justified the decision to move the headquarters by the higher cost of living in the town located on … Read more

Susana Giménez got lost while reciting the L-Gante alphabet

Susana gimenez (77) went back to doing his thing in Instagram, where 2.6 million users follow it. On this occasion, the phone diva did not post a message by mistake or have an outburst, quite the opposite. He simply showed himself singing the alphabet of L-Gante (21) and revolutionized the networks. “Let’s listen to the … Read more

why the most sought-after vaccine in the US today is not approved in Argentina

The possibility that USA prevent From November the income of people vaccinated with Sputnik V It accelerated the concern of a part of the Argentines who took out a plane ticket to fly to that country in the remaining period and access the simplest safe-conduct: a dose of Johnson & Johnson as an immune passport. … Read more

Covid-19: survey on presence, vaccination and future of the pandemic – Health

The majority of Colombians want to return to the presence in her activities, and although it is uncomfortable she is also willing to maintain the face mask as a permanent garment, even after being fully vaccinated, to avoid infection by covid-19. These majorities today also have more confidence in the vaccines against the virus and … Read more