Latvian students win the 4th place in the international team mathematics competition in Iceland – BNN

An international team mathematics competition took place in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, from 11 to 15 November. The Baltic Way 2021, where Latvia was represented this year by a team of five talented students. In the competition of 12 Member States, the Latvian team won the honorable 4th place in the competition! According to … Read more

The Latvian team has returned from the mathematics competition in Iceland with 4th place

The Latvian delegation, represented this year by five students, has moved 4th place home from the international team mathematics competition “Baltic Way 2021”. The competition took place in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and was attended by 12 Member States. Content will continue after the ad Advertising This year, the Latvian delegation to the international … Read more

Latvian students win 4th place in international team mathematics competition in Iceland / Article

The Latvian delegation to the international team mathematics competition “Baltic Way 2021” this year was formed by Petrs Gabuniia, a student of Riga Technical University (RTU) Secondary School of Engineering, Matīss Kristiņš, Milana Komisarova and Kims Georgs Pavlovs, and Artis V, a student of Salaspils Secondary School . Latvian students were prepared for the competition … Read more

Iceland mocks Zuckerberg and his metaverse with a brilliant video Copy Hair with very short bangs, light skin, blue eyes. And a name – Zack Mossbergsson – that leaves no doubts: the man who opens this spot created by the Icelandic tourism board is inspired by the founder of Facebook. The metaverse recently presented by Zuckerberg – a virtual world in which to connect … Read more

Iceland parodies Facebook metaverse to encourage tourism

UNUSUAL – You don’t know the Icelandverse? Did you miss something! Iceland released a video on November 11 to encourage tourism to the island. In this two-minute spot, we can find the perfect doppelganger of Mark Zuckerberg listing the different things to visit in the country, as you can see in the video above. If … Read more

In Iceland, garlic was grown on a large scale for the first time

Due to the particularly harsh climate, in Iceland there are not many edible vegetables and plants that grow easily in the ground, but recently Hörður Bender, a farmer from the south, tried a new thing, obtaining a remarkable result: he started the first cultivation of garlic on a large scale, then managing to sell all … Read more

Iceland, yet another story of Nordic football without a happy ending: the epic of the Viking national team overwhelmed by rape and sexual harassment

The whiteness of a snowy landscape which gives way to a pulp of mud. In recent years some of the most beautiful stories proposed by Nordic football they ended up like this. Stripped of the almost fairytale aura that characterized them, these tales of the hearth have been transformed into investigations of judicial police. The … Read more

Grocery, Iceland food | Do competitors believe growth slows:

Geir Olav Opheim, head of the grocery chain Iceland Mat, says that the competitors’ agreements with several shopping centers make it impossible for them to enter the same center. – In some places, there are clauses in the lease that mean that the grocery chain that is already established there, has the right to refuse … Read more

Iceland – Czech Republic 4: 0, Czech football players suffered a debacle in the World Cup qualifiers

Goalkeeper of the Czech team Barbora Votíková, illustration photo. [email protected] The Czechs have four points after the first qualifying loss and are second. Today’s opponents are only one point behind and they have a good match. Three-point Belarusians, who are in third place, have two less duels. They are led by the Dutch, who defeated … Read more

Following other European countries, Iceland also postpones administering the Moderna vaccine – Reports of increased cases of myocarditis or inflammation of the heart after Moderna vaccination were reported in a number of countries. Especially in some European countries. They chose to stop modern vaccines in young adulthood, from 30 years and under. The incidence of myocarditis is also said to occur in adolescence, especially after … Read more