iOS 16.4 new feature adds iCloud shared album duplicate photo detection function- – Technology Focus- iPhone

The new features of iOS 16.4, in addition to the new emoji and network push notifications mentioned in the past, will also add a duplicate photo detection function to the iCloud shared album, so that the iCloud storage capacity will be more effective. immediately怐click here]use the App to watch more product unboxing videos Apple itself … Read more

Doodle can now use iCloud calendars

March 6, 2023 – Thanks to a native integration, it is now possible to book Doodle appointments directly from an iCloud calendar. The new Doodle feature is currently in a public beta phase. The Swiss appointment scheduling service Doodle has good news for Mac and iPhone users: Doodle can finally be integrated natively with the … Read more

Apple’s new apps for Windows have begun to be tested

On Wednesday, preview versions of three new Apple apps appeared on the US version of the Microsoft Store. The apps in question are called Apple Music Preview, Apple TV Preview and Apple Devices Preview, where the latter app is used to manage devices such as Iphone, Ipad and Ipad. The system requirement is Windows 11, … Read more

Apple launches a new system to encrypt backup data stored on the iCloud – News Portal

The American electronics giant Apple seeks to allow users to fully encrypt the backup copy of their photos, online conversations and other data stored on the company’s cloud computing service, iCloud, according to the Emirati statement. Apple says that users of its cloud computing service will be more protected from the dangers of data hackers, … Read more

Tricks to increase storage space on iPhone easily

iPhone users no longer need to worry about not having enough storage space on their phones, as they no longer need to clear photos or videos and large-capacity apps in order to optimize space. storage On their phones, two tricks have been revealed that can free up a lot of storage space. Check storage capacity … Read more

Apple expands end-to-end encryption on iCloud

Apple is extending end-to-end encryption to a number of additional iCloud services. The Apple firm qualifies this initiative, called Advanced Data Protection, as the highest level of cloud data security from Apple. Here’s how to activate it. For now, this encryption feature on iCloud is available as an opt-in for users. In other words, they … Read more

Backup Files in Apple’s iCloud are Now Protected with End-to-End Encryption Page all – Apple add encryption from end to end aka end-to-end to service iCloud. This layer of security is included by Apple to protect user files when they are backed up (backup) in iCloud. Technically, Apple added a category of data protected by encryption end-to-end from the original 14 categories to 23, including data backed … Read more