Volkswagen completes the offer with an SUV coupe ID.5. It does not differ from ID.4 only in shape

The newest member of the Volkswagen ID family of electric cars. is an SUV-coupe ID.5. It was created on the basis of SUV ID.4, from which, however, differs in some respects. Volkswagen continues to expand its purely electric ID range. The compact hatchback ID.3 was the first to arrive on European markets, followed by the … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – went 57 thousand kilometers in one stretch with the VW ID.4

He set a strange record for American Volkswagen with the support of Rainer Zietlow ID.4-essel: the type has the longest continuous journey in a single country with a non-solar electric car. 4 Gallery: VW ID.4 American Record Tour 2021 Driver and trip photographer Derek Collins spent a hundred days visiting all of the 628 VW … Read more

Volkswagen ID.4 has a black screen and freezes the owner: as if back to the 80s-IT and traffic

ID.4 is Volkswagen’s first model in China. As Volkswagen’s heavyweight model for electrification, ID.4 has also been given high hopes by the Volkswagen Group. In terms of vehicle power and battery life, and even comfort configuration,The performance of ID.4 belongs to the excellent level of Volkswagen Group. However, in terms of vehicle and software, the … Read more

The Škoda Enyaq iV performed worse in the lottery test than its sister VW ID.4

The electric SUV surprised with its tendency to unexpected and significant oversteer The Mladá Boleslav electric SUV Škoda Enyaq iV, the first built on the company’s MEB electric platform, recently arrived for testing by the Spanish organization, which verifies the car’s stability during the elk test and slalom. At the beginning of the summer, … Read more

ID.Software 2.3 – Now Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 will be upgraded

Have you remembered to sign up for our newsletter? (Elbil24): New electric cars are computers on wheels, and the software that controls all the functions and provides the graphical interface is becoming increasingly comprehensive and advanced. In such systems, errors and potential for improvement will always be discovered, and on several newer car models, the … Read more

ID.4 sells little in China. Fault is the number and the fact – Observer

Volkswagen never hid the huge commercial ambitions it has for the Volkswagen ID.4, its first electric SUV based on the MEB platform, with the German manufacturer stipulating as a target the sales of 500 thousand units per year. In order to fulfill this objective, the manufacturing plan foresees production in the USA, Europe and China, … Read more

Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, the elegant and sporty electric SUV

Volkswagen ID.4, orders open: prices in Italy Volkswagen ID, the 100% electric SUV from the German company, is enriched with the creation of the 4 GTX sports variant, which continues the tradition of GTD, GTE and GTI. GTX therefore represents a new product, used by Volkswagen to identify all full electric vehicles with a sporty, … Read more

Norwegian buyers of VW ID.3 and ID.4 will be reimbursed NOK 37 million

Earlier in June, we wrote in Broom that German VW customers who ordered the electric car ID.3 or ID.4 in 2020 or the first half of 2021, will get back 285 euros. The reason is that Volkswagen has exaggerated the effect of the heat pump in winter. Volkswagen marketed on its website that the heat … Read more

When mammoths do sports. The Volkswagen ID.4 GTX is fast and agile, but far from the GTI

The transition to new types of propulsion brings a lot of considerations about energy sources, efficiency and environmental footprint. But there are also more prosaic questions, such as how to name a powerful version of an electric car. Škoda is preparing Enyaq RS, Porsche sells Taycan Turbo. Although Volkswagen comes up with a new GTX … Read more

Volkswagen ID.4 attracts to the premiere again. It promises refined aerodynamics

The electric compact SUV is already being mass-produced, but it has not yet been officially revealed to the world. Gradually, however, he reveals some details about himself. Volkswagen is starting sales of its new electric ID series this year. counting models with a new generation of technology in the form of the MEB platform developed … Read more