SEASON COMPOSITION: The captain of the champions dominates the league stars, the champions dominated the ideal eleven

The round before the end of the competition was clear about the championship title. The strong trio added the most footballers to the ideal line-up of the 2021/22 season. The captain Hejda from Pilsen appeared most often, nine times in the round line-up, followed by his teammate Beauguel and the Spartan Hancko eight times. Jindřich … Read more

Mother’s Day: Find the ideal gift for the technological mom | PRESENT

Updated on 05/07/2022 08:36 am Mother’s Day is getting closer every day and to celebrate this special date it is necessary to choose the gift that best suits her style. For this reason, HP offers the best gift options to entertain mothers on their day. If you have a technology mom who divides her time … Read more

HUAWEI Launches Ideal 108MP Camera Phone With 66W SuperCharge – HUAWEI Nova 9 SE In Nigeria

It features 108MP high-resolution photography, 66W HUAWEI Supercharging, striking design, creative vlogging experience, and visionary EMUI 12 features. Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) has announced that HUAWEI nova 9 SE is now available in Nigeria, a new mid-range addition to the dynamic, classy and fashionable HUAWEI nova 9 product family, designed for the younger generation. … Read more

Model Biby Gaytán swimsuit ideal for older women

Mexico.- If something can perfectly define Biby Gaytán is that she is a fashion iconin addition to being a very beautiful, charismatic, talented woman with a very pleasant personality, she is an expert in fashion cases and knows very well how to make it clear, as expected, in the most subtle way. Recently, the Mexican … Read more

Ensure Eating and Drinking Hygiene

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) urges the public to ensure the cleanliness of the food and drinks consumed to prevent transmission hepatitis mysterious cause that caused the death of three children in DKI Jakarta. Head of IDAI’s Gastro-Hepatology Coordination Unit, Muzal Kadim, said that people should avoid buying food and drinks from … Read more

Ideal sleep time found for over 38 years old: 500 thousand people were examined

WALL – A research team from the University of Cambridge in England and Fudan University in China has revealed that 7 hours of sleep is ideal for middle-aged and older. In the article published in the scientific journal Natural Aging, researchers concluded that 7 hours of sleep is ideal for cognitive performance and mental health. … Read more

a study reveals the ideal duration for your mental health…

Seven hours, no more no less. It is the ideal number of hours of sleep what you need per night past quarantine, reveals a study published in the journal Nature Aging. To come to this verdict, researchers from the universities of Cambridge, UK, and Fudan, China, surveyed 500,000 people, aged between 38 and 73, about … Read more

Researchers shake the rule that eight hours of sleep is ideal

Disturbed sleep patterns have been linked to several diseases, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. According to researchers from England and China, less can be more, at least for the elderly. By editorial, with DW – from London/Beijing One rule many adults have internalized is that a good night’s sleep means eight hours’ sleep. But a team … Read more

A study establishes the ideal length of a night for the over 40s

seven o’clock sleep. This is the ideal night for people over 40 who want to preserve their mental health, according to a study published this Thursday in the journal Nature Agingreports Madame Figaro. For their work, researchers from the universities of Cambridge (United Kingdom) and Fudan (China) questioned 500,000 people aged 38 to 73 about … Read more