Buying a house foreclosed on the bank — idealista/news

Buy house involves a thorough research of existing properties on the market. We analyze by typology, zones and prices. when we intend buy a house for one most affordable price, There are several hypotheses, including the pawned houses. These can be purchased from public and private entities. Buying houses pledged to public entities within the … Read more

100 bank houses from 30 thousand euros — idealista/news

Who wants buy a house should analyze the various options available including bank real estate. This type of property can be advertised by banking institutions through publication on real estate portals or in partnership with a real estate agency. What is bank real estate? Os bank real estate are properties that form part of the … Read more

“Companies relocation can be a good opportunity for Portugal” — idealista/news

Inflation to go up, interest rates to climb and construction costs to shoot. All this, among other factors, taking place in an unexpected context of guerra and after a pandemic that insists on not giving a truce. Luís Marques Mendes, member of the Advisory Board of Abreu Advogados, considers, however, that there are positive indicators … Read more

USA invests in real estate in Portugal — idealista/news

Portugal continues to dominate the international scene, and more and more US investors are looking at national real estate. Recent data from the Foreigners and Borders Services (SEF) confirm, for example, that North Americans passed to lead the ranking of investment raised through golden visas in the country, surpassing Chinese and Brazilians. The interest is … Read more

Ikea invests 3 billion in stores by 2023 — idealista/news

The Inkga group, owner of Swedish giant Ikea, will invest three billion euros by 2023 in new and existing stores, largely to modify their points of sale outside the big cities and so that they can function simultaneously as a store and distribution center for online commerce. Tolga Oncu, the group’s manager, told Reuters the … Read more

Buying real estate in cryptocurrencies — idealista/news

In Portugal, the appetite for buy real estate with cryptocurrencies has increased, above all, by foreign investors. This is because the country is seen abroad as a “tax haven” for cryptobusiness. But the rules will start tightening as early as next week. The Order of Notaries (ON) is preparing a regulation that will give clear … Read more

Most expensive and cheapest cities to buy a house — idealista/news

Buy house in Portugal it is increasingly expensive, especially in large urban centers. With the pandemic, more and more families are considering changing their “airs” in the hope of finding better quality of life. There are those who are dazzled by urban life and look for a home in the city. And there are also … Read more