These people destroy themselves.. A psychologist identifies 6 signs that reveal them

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Sometimes, it may befor an individual is who "is destroyed" himself, unintentionally, by making a number of mistakes. And the intention b"self destruction" It is a person doing things that reflect negatively on him and do not benefit him, but rather lead to obstructing his progress for the better. According … Read more

Study identifies the most intelligent breed of dog | Science

Without a doubt, the intelligence of dogs is one of the mysteries that most intrigues scientists who are experts in domestic animals. However, measuring this characteristic is a very complex task because there are different types of cognitive abilities. For this reason, a study published in Scientific Reports subjected more than 1,000 dogs of 13 … Read more

New study identifies blood group ‘most likely to have a stroke’

US health officials on Friday approved a closely monitored Alzheimer’s drug that only slightly slows the disease in the brain, albeit with potential safety risks that patients and their doctors will have to monitor carefully. Lekembe is the first drug shown convincingly to slow the decline in memory and thinking that characterizes Alzheimer’s disease by … Read more

ESG investing outlook 2023: DPAM expert identifies 5 key themes

1. Challenge: Regulatory environment Stronger regulation is necessary to avoid greenwashing and green bleaching. “As sustainable investing continues to grow, we can expect increased regulation in this space, which may continue to impact how companies approach ESG investing and the claims they make about their sustainable activities.” 2. Securing the future: from promise to action … Read more

Lumpini Wisdom identifies “energy-environment-health” hot products that meet the needs of living in 2023

“Lumpini Wisdom” identifies “energy-environment-health” as a hot product in 2023 to meet market demand. After the epidemic of COVID-19 and the situation where energy prices have continued to rise Mr. Praphansak Rakchaiwan Managing Director of Lumpini Wisdom and Solutions Co., Ltd. (LWS), a real estate research and development company affiliated with L.P.N. Development Public Company … Read more

NASA Research Team Successfully Identifies Patterns of Temperature Changes on Jupiter – Researchers from the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) NASA led by Glenn Orton have identified how temperature on the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiterchanged from time to time. Reported from Sputnik Newsthese results were obtained after analyzing data supplied by NASA’s mission to Jupiter and obtained through observations telescope land based. Read … Read more

goodbye snitches, Apple is rolling out an update that identifies spy devices

Apple recently released two firmware updates for its AirTag tracker, and we now know that these will affect better identify unknown AirTags around you. Credit: masarik512/123RF Since their launch in 2021, the AirTags have been the subject many controversies because of their operation and their formidable efficiency. Apple’s tracker, for example, has often been … Read more

Neoenergia identifies theft of energy in a steakhouse and bar in Petrolina – Blog do Waldiney Passos

Steakhouse and bar is located in Antônio Cassimiro (Photo: Reproduction) Neoenergia Pernambuco identified a theft of electricity at a steakhouse and bar, located in the Antônio Cassimiro neighborhood, in Petrolina. The technical teams went to the location and attested to fraud in the measurement of the property, which was diverting energy without going through the … Read more

Legal Medicine identifies the first victims of the collapse in Risaralda: four are children

More than 30 people trapped after landslide in Risaralda. Credit: Colprensa. The search and identification of the fatal victims of the landslide that occurred around 5:00 in the morning on Sunday, December 4 in the municipality of Pueblo Rico, in Risaralda. The landslide buried a public service bus that covered the route Cali – Quibdo. … Read more