Krutoy witnessed Baskov’s flirtation with his wife

Igor Krutoy found himself in an unpleasant situation with a once faithful friend. He almost gave “horns” to the composer who trusted him. During a vacation in Turkey, heartthrob Nikolai Baskov sat Igor Yakovlevich’s wife on his lap, and, taking advantage of the master’s inattention, began to hug her. Noticing something was wrong, Krutoy captured … Read more

The illegitimate son of Cool will make the composer a grandfather

Alexey Zayakin Jacob is now happy with his chosen one. Igor Krutoy. Photo: The illegitimate son of the composer Igor Krutoy, Yakov, will become a father for the first time in the near future. The fact is that he got married not so long ago and his wife is now pregnant. Igor Krutoy with … Read more

Nikolai Baskov left Igor Krutoy’s birthday with a million dollar gift

Russian singer Nikolai Baskov left the birthday of composer Igor Krutoy with a gift for $ 1.2 million, reports “Evening Moscow”. Despite the fact that Basque will celebrate his 45th birthday only on October 15, the famous jeweler Jacob Arabo presented him with a watch, the dial of which is decorated with a green butterfly … Read more