It can be taken so that taking off the veils was a mistake. However, the numbers are also rising in countries where they were mandatory in the summer, Babiš said

“It was a society-wide situation, whether it was a mistake or not, it can be taken so much that it was a mistake, but I think it’s rising in other countries where they haven’t taken the veils all summer, so it can’t be evaluated. “Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) responded to the words of the … Read more

Slovakia opts for record budget deficit for 2020. Opposition criticizes ambiguity of expenditures – ČT24 – Czech Television

The increase in Slovakia’s budget deficit was pushed through during the vote by deputies of government parties, which have a comfortable majority in the Chamber of Deputies. The opposition criticized the material, claiming that the exact use of the additionally planned expenditures was unknown. The Independent Budget Council also pointed out in its commentary on … Read more

Coronavirus is often transported to Slovakia by Czechs. The government has approved higher fines!

Slovakia has 381 active cases of Covid-19. Prime Minister Igor Matovic described the situation in the country as stable after the measures were relaxed. Despite the fact that about half of the new infected are people from abroad, he does not plan to close the borders. Coronavirus most often drives there Czechsfollowed by people from … Read more