Warner Bros. posted the first ten minutes of “Batman” online – Igromania

Italian division Warner Bros. posted the first ten minutes of the new “Batman” Matt Reeves. The excerpt presents the first crime Riddler (Paul Dano), which he does on Halloween. At the same time, viewers are shown gloomy streets Gotham with a gang of bandits – the latter just ends up meeting with Batman (Robert Pattison). … Read more

Team17 games are not available for purchase in Russian and Belarusian Steam – Igromania

publishing house Team17 joined the ranks of gaming companies that refused to distribute their products in Russia and Belarus. And in this case we are talking about sales in Steam. The company has not made any official statements about this, however, when you try to log in to the publisher’s games section you won’t see … Read more

The fourth subscription server was opened in Allods Online – Igromania

Bans and cancellations immediately affect the gaming market. After obstacles were put up for Russian players, in particular, in buying games in Steam and subscription payment World of Warcrafta record increase in attendance in available games. Creators “Allods Online” the other day reportedthat online on a single subscription server, the Thread of Destiny has broken … Read more

in Elden Ring learned how to break through walls – Igromania

Elden Ringnew fighter FromSoftwarein everything corresponds to the spirit of the famous Souls– studio series. The game is not only difficult, it also does not care about the comfort of the players, giving them almost no advice or support. Due to the “stealth” mode, it is difficult to immediately unambiguously classify the features found in … Read more

the studio is already working on updates – Igromania

Action movie release Sifu turned out to be successful: already got acquainted with the game half a million players, and they speak of it mostly enthusiastically, despite the high complexity of the gameplay. And the studio sloclap is already working on a number of updates, some of which are dedicated to the accessibility of the … Read more

Steam Deck mailing to buyers will begin on February 28 – Igromania

Valve announced that on February 25, some of the users who made a reservation Steam Deck, will receive a letter with the opportunity to buy the coveted console. And the distribution itself will begin on February 28th. It is reported that the purchase is given three days, after which this opportunity passes to the next … Read more

Reforged released the first act of the Alliance campaign – Igromania

After the remaster Warcraft III: Reforged conquered a place in the top of the worst revivals of the classics, a company of enthusiasts got down to business. Modder InsaneMonster with the help of like-minded people plans to make a complete remake of the remaster Blizzard. At the end of 2021, the team released prologue Warcraft … Read more