Nastal as ct sbohem. Branko Casillas officially ended his career

Porto’s Iker Casillas puts his hands on the Liverpool hit during the League’s quarterfinal duel. | photo: AP <!—-> Today is one of the longest and even the warmest days in sports life. He came up with four goodbyes, Casillas wrote on the social sites, and spent most of his career in Real Madrid. This … Read more

Travel Iker Casillas, First “Discarded” Real Madrid Now Returning Home page all – Right on Sunday, July 12 2015, Iker Casillas present alone at a press conference. Iker Casillas at the time announced his move from Real Madrid ke FC Porto without any accompanying club. Only a sheet of white paper bearing the official statement of his transfer to FC Porto accompanied him. The look on … Read more

the decision puts in doubt his return to Spain with Sara Carbonero

This weekend Iker Casillas posted a mysterious message in which she claimed that, after much thoughtarrived “decisions that you need to take. Moments for reflection. Mature in consensus. And, finally, decide”. Well, that was the Real Madrid goalkeeper, has just unveiled what it’s about and has announced that, finally, will not be presented to the … Read more

Gudiño congratulates Iker Casillas on his birthday and Higuera goes to show off a gift from the Spaniard

Raúl Gudiño, substitute goalkeeper for the Chivas de Guadalajara, reappeared on Wednesday in his social networks after the controversial victory on Tuesday in the eLiga MX to congratulate his former teammate at the Portuguese club Porto and legendary Spanish goalkeeper: Iker Casillas, who is birthday (39). But former rojiblanco manager José Luis Higuera went through … Read more

Four years in prison for the agent who took Iker Casillas from Madrid to Porto

PALMA – The Superior Court of Justice of Balearic Islands (TSJB) has dismissed the appeal presented by the defense of Santos Márquez González in which he requested the annulment of the sentence that sentenced this soccer intermediary to 4 years and one day in prison for the crime of aggravated fraud in the signing of … Read more

Iker Casillas spoke about the consequences of a heart attack –

Iker Casillas spoke about the consequences of a heart attack “After the attack I was afraid to walk and sleep.” Casillas spoke about life after a heart attack World champion Casillas shared his thoughts on life after a heart attack Gazeta.Ru Iker Casillas: after a heart attack for about a month was afraid … Read more

Iker Casillas surprises with an incredible new look on Instagram

Editorial Half-time Spain / 03/27/2020 23:13:09 In times of confinement due to Coronavirus pandemic, several sports characters have taken the opportunity to make some changes to their appearance and now it was the turn of Iker Casillas, who surprised the world with an incredible new look. He Spanish ex-archer He published a photo on his … Read more