Elham Shaheen surprised everyone by revealing what happened between her and the artist, Adel Imam, while filming the movie (Helfoot).. Here are the details

When the artist Ilham Shaheen was asked about the first credit for her stardom, the answer was decisive, and it was the leader, Adel Imam, for her to play the starring role in front of him in the movie Helfo. 66522896 And that she considered herself a TV star before the movie “Helfoot”, but after … Read more

The artist, Mohamed Adel Imam, accuses the former official of his Facebook page of trying to seize it

The detectives of the Giza Security Directorate are conducting intensive investigations into the incident of liberating the artist’s lawyer, Mohamed Adel Imam, in a report at the Dokki Police Department, in which he accused the former official of the artist’s Facebook page of trying to seize it, and his refusal to return it to him, … Read more

I frightened and frightened everyone a lot.. I bled and the director stopped filming immediately.. The most difficult scene in Yusra’s life in front of the leader, Adel Imam! sexy details

2021/12/06 It’s 03:30 in the morning Island Bay | Follow Favorite The movie “Resala to Al-Wali” is considered one of the best films presented by the two stars, Adel Imam and Yousra, during their series of films together. The movie achieved great success when it was released in 1998. 85818679 Because it contained a strange … Read more

You won’t imagine how he reacted;; The unexpected Samir Ghanem when he saw the leader Adel Imam; He kisses his wife, Dalal Abdel Aziz, in Khadesh (exciting details)

2021/11/30 It’s 11:30 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The world of cinema has many rules, regulations and details behind the scenes that many ordinary viewers are ignorant of. It is also a special world in which there are many contradictions, and these contradictions change according to time and place, in addition to social customs … Read more

A famous Egyptian artist; May God endow her with a charming beauty;; And she refused to help the leader, Adel Imam, before she burned his heart and died with her dignity.. You won’t believe who you are?

2021/11/30 It’s 07:00 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The late artist Nawal Aboul Fotouh, who broke into art and initially presented roles based on temptation, was quick to correct her path with purposeful works and roles that constituted a milestone in her history. 66656286 Despite her specialization in the second roles, she was able … Read more

Getting to know the High Imam of Al Alzhar who rejected the amalgamation of religions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Name High Priest Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayyeb, has been in the spotlight recently especially after publicly rejecting calls for the merging of Islam, Christianity and Judaism called Abrahamism. Al Tayyeb judged the call to be contrary to the value of religious freedom. “This call, it seems, seeks to combine Judaism, … Read more

When Imam of the Grand Mosque Arrested for Criticism of Royal Policy : Okezone News

RIYADH – Arrest of the Imam of the Grand Mosque Sheikh Saleh al-Talib by the authorities Saudi Arabia in 2018 surprised many people around the world. The arrest was revealed by the activist group Prisoners of Conscience. Prisoners of Conscience is a group that monitors and documents the arrests of Saudi Arabian preachers and clerics. … Read more

After rumors that he assumed the Ministry of Health… Who is Major General Atef Imam?

06:24 PM Tuesday 02 November 2021 Books – Muhammad Sami: Major General Doctor Atef Imam denied his assignment to the post of Minister of Health, replacing Dr. Hala, the Minister of Health, who applied for leave last week. “Imam” said in exclusive statements to Masrawy from America, “It is an honor for any person to … Read more

Witness: Hanan Shawky raises controversy with her statements about Adel Imam

Actress Hanan Shawky made fiery statements in response to the program’s presenter’s questions, which were presented to her during her hosting of the “Ness El Kalam” program. Hanan said in response to Raghida’s question: Who is stronger in acting, Adel Imam or Ahmed Zaki? “Of course, Ahmed Zaki, but Adel Imam has charisma, and if … Read more