“Sound” is immersive! ROG Delta S Wireless Gaming Headset Debut | XFastest News

ROG Republic of Gamers launches the first dual-mode wireless gaming headset – “Delta S Wireless”, with 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth® connection modes, players can experience the freedom of wireless connection as they wish, and multi-device compatibility; with the industry-leading ROG The AI ​​beamforming microphone and AI noise reduction technology complement each other, presenting extremely clear … Read more

Immersive concerts spread poetic beauty – Huasheng Online

Immersive concerts spread poetic beauty “Dragon Boat Festival – Meet the Beauty of China” concert staged Changsha Evening News, June 5th (all-media reporter Hu Zhaohong correspondent Yang Xiaoli) Recently, the “Dragon Boat Festival-Meet China’s Beauty Symphony Concert” of the “Meet the Beauty of China” series of symphony concerts was staged at the Hunan Grand Theater. … Read more

Nike shoe fans go to “Tide Saint”! Nike’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition Comes to Tsim Sha Tsui to Enjoy the Rare Moon Shoe’s Immersive Review of the Brand’s Classic Moments

Nike shoe fans go to “Tide Saint”! Nike’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition Comes to Tsim Sha Tsui to Enjoy the Rare Moon Shoe’s Immersive Review of the Brand’s Classic Moments Of course, Nike’s 50th anniversary will have a series of products launched, not only the joint shoes, but also a good time to hold the Nike … Read more

New Hogwarts Legacy Immersive Trailer Released: Here’s What The Game Will Look Like On PlayStation 5

The video highlights the features of the game on PlayStation 5 the expected Hogwarts Legacy It is a title that promises to renew the Harry Potter world franchise and to do so it will have one of the key tools of PlayStation 5 technology: your haptic controls. In a new “next-gen immersion” trailer, Sony listed … Read more

“Pico Zheng Jun’s “We Are” VR Private Singing & Chat” will be sung on May 17, sharing a 360° immersive dance experience.

On May 13th, Pico Zheng Jun’s “We Are” VR private singing and chatting event was officially announced, and it will be broadcast exclusively on Pico Video at 20:00 on May 17th. In this singing and chatting meeting, a virtual interstellar “tree hole” singing and chatting space was constructed through VR technology, which not only has … Read more

Elden Ring VR is a terrifying and immersive first person adventure

An Elden Ring VR mod is coming up, and it looks remarkably fluid in motion. as reported PC Gamer for the first time, the modder Luke Ross is in the process of converting Elden Ring in an adventure for virtual reality. He recently released a short clip showing the mod in action during the early … Read more

Immersive action RPG “Weird West” launched on multiple platforms | T Kebang

The immersive action RPG from Devolver Digital and development team WolfEye StudiosWeird West“Released today! Explore freely, make choices as you please, and your every action will shape the story. The game is currently available on Steam, priced at NT$688. In Wild West, you will play the role of an atypical “hero” exploring the dark and … Read more

Razer HyperSense Suit full body kit released to lock the metaverse full body immersive tactile experience but don’t turn into a superhero #vr (175162)

This kit is just Razer’s April Fool’s Day joke this year, but like the Toast Drivers that have been launched in the past, maybe Razer will actually turn this game kit into an actual product one day after many petitions from players. Razer announced on April Fool’s Day this year that it corresponds to the … Read more

Simteract unveils Urban Venture, an Uber-like immersive simulation set in Barcelona

Drive customers around Barcelona, ​​make a name for yourself and expand your business. Simteract is pleased to announce its new game Urban Venture, a realistic city driving and tycoon simulation set in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Feel the pulse of a bustling metropolis with all the good (and not so good) things that happen: traffic jams, inclement … Read more