After 20 years Harry Potter is back in theaters. The youtuber Caleel: «This saga is immortal» – The interview

Hogwarts, Great Hall | Harry Potter music and ambience. A three-hour video with images inspired by the Hogwarts castle that promises to bring the listener back into the atmosphere drawn by the films of the saga. This is the background music we have chosen to write this interview and this is one of the many … Read more

The Night of Immortal Humans Director Shin Jeong-won dies of acute sepsis

Director Shin Jeong-won / Photo courtesy of TCO The Contents On Director Shin Jung-won has died of acute sepsis. 47 years old. According to the film industry on the 5th, director Shin Jung-won died of acute sepsis on the 4th. According to the bereaved family, Director Shin went to the emergency room the day before … Read more

The Czech Republic celebrated ’89 magnificently, despite the pandemic. The immortal song was sung by a Slovak

17. 11. 2021 19:18, the article was updated 18. 11. 2021 06:18 | PRAGUE / TV Awning The anniversary celebrations on November 17 culminated eleven minutes after the seventeenth. Anniversary celebrations on November 17 in Prague. Photo: In the Czech Republic, they commemorated November 17 magnificently, despite the pandemic. Last year, they were only … Read more

GTA and Red Dead immortal like James Bond? That’s what the Take-Two boss thinks

The head of Take-Two Interactive, the publishers of GTA and Red Dead, was asked if he believed brands could live forever. His answer comes as no surprise. Strauss Zelnick believes that both Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead, and even NBA 2K, are brands that can remain on the market forever. Just like the adventures … Read more

Why don’t we stop playing Skyrim 10 years later? Bethesda’s RPG seems immortal

For years it has become a haven for millions of fans of RPG adventures. One of my favorite memories as a player was when I first played the CD Skyrim on my PS3 and the masterful soundtrack of Jeremy Soule “thundered” my neighbors. I will not fool you, I was not a big fan of … Read more

I thought you were immortal.. Dora announces the death of her grandmother with moving words | news

The Tunisian artist, Dora, announced a short while ago the death of her grandmother, Sophie. Through her account on Facebook, Dora mourned her grandmother’s death with moving words and said, “How I wished to see you and meditate on your beautiful face despite the time and wrinkles on your face, I wanted to hold you … Read more

Blizzard also reported a major personnel change, the chief producer of “Diablo Immortal” announced his departure

[Fan Zhewei, Editor of People’s Network / Comprehensive Report] American game maker Activision Blizzard has recently reported frequent high-level personnel changes. After co-president Jen Oneal announced his resignation after only three months in office, Caleb Arseneaux, chief producer of “Diablo: Immortal”, announced on his personal Linkedin page on the 5th. Blizzard resigned. Caleb Arseneaux stated … Read more

Caleb Arseneaux, chief producer of “Diablo Immortal”, has resigned from Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment announced that “Diablo: Immortal” (Diablo: Immortal) went furtherNews of closed beta, But followed by the disturbing news, the lead producer of the development team Caleb Arseneaux has recently announced his resignation, leaving the Blizzard team that has served for three years. According to Arseneaux Linkedin The page announced that last week was his … Read more

“Diablo Immortal” development team lead producer Caleb Arseneaux announced his departure from Blizzard “Diablo: Immortal”

The smartphone platform MMORPG jointly developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase “Diablo is immortal“(IOS/Android) development team chief producer Caleb Arseneaux recently announced his official departure from Blizzard. Caleb Arseneaux recently stated on his personal linkedin page that this is his last week in Blizzard for more than three years. He cherishes the time spent here … Read more

The “F” Trophy Achievement in “Decisive Moment: Vanguard” Redefines the Immortal Meme of “Press F to Tribute” | 4Gamers

Perhaps many people have never played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare), but most players, even those who have never played shooting games, must understand the meme of “press F to pay tribute.” The game development team that created the meme brought out Activision’s new year shooter “Call of Duty: Vanguard” … Read more