Fasting too long is not good for the immune system

Fasting is becoming increasingly popular, but done incorrectly, it can have adverse health effects. Researchers have been particularly interested in the effects of fasting on the immune system of laboratory mice. Fasting has the ventvent up! There are different forms: only water or with drinks such as herbal teas and broths or even intermittent fasting … Read more

It’s called a “natural antibiotic”! Hearing the cure, he drinks spoon by spoon… – Gallery

Tripe soup is a very rich food in terms of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. It is also an excellent source of vitamin B12. This soup, which has many benefits for health, keeps the immune system strong and shields against diseases. So, would you like to learn about its other health benefits? Let’s take a … Read more

“hybrid” immunity is the one that best protects against reinfections

A team of French scientists looked at the immune memory induced after vaccination alone, after infection with SARS-CoV-2, or after a combination of the two. Was it possible to compare the levels of neutralizing antibodies in the blood for each of the different types of immunity: natural, vaccinal, hybrid? Which combination confers the most protective … Read more

This food is the body’s broom! It makes immunity like steel and keeps you full all day long… – Gallery

This food is the body’s broom! It both makes immunity like steel and keeps you full all day long… Giving information about the things to be considered in nutrition in order to spend the month of Ramadan healthy during the epidemic, Dr. dit. Evrim Güngör stated that those with chronic diseases should make their nutrition … Read more

Vitiligo Skin Disease Marked by Symptoms of White Spots

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Vitiligo disease skin characterized by white spots. Vitiligo usually appears on the face, hands and skin folds. Referring to the National Health Service UK, parts of the skin with white patches are more susceptible to sunburn. Types of vitiligo Mengutip National Health Service UK, skin disease Vitiligo has two main types, nonsegmental … Read more

Don’t miss out on your kitchen! It dries inflammation, protects against cancer

Asparagus is a valuable food source that has been loved since the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Asparagus, which is not among the vegetables consumed frequently today, contains many vitamins and minerals. The benefits of asparagus, which are generally consumed by steaming and boiling, do not end with counting. Those who hear the benefits of asparagus … Read more

The doctor does not visit the house he enters: This potion makes the immune system a staple! – Gallery

A strong immune system, also known as the immune system, protects you from contagious infections and diseases such as flu and colds. In fact, it is possible to make this defense shield, which protects the body even from cancer cells, like steel with the foods you consume. So what do you need to consume to … Read more

The mix that formats the body! It purifies harmful bacteria, shields against diseases… – Gallery

The immune system is a defense mechanism that protects the body against microbes through the mutual interaction of various cells and proteins. A strong immunity plays a big role in protecting against diseases. Especially the food and drinks we consume during the day are very important in keeping the immunity strong. So what should be … Read more

There is a link between rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease

According to a study led by Stanford University, periodontal disease could cause breaches in the oral mucosa that would ultimately activate an upsurge in the immune attack on the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the joints until they become deformed and cause painful swelling. On the other … Read more

Study shows increase in suicidal thoughts in Covid-19 patients

What do we know about the lesions left on the brain following an infection with the coronavirus? What was the impact of Covid-19 on mental health during the 2020 pandemic? A study investigated the link between the form and severity of Covid-19 with suicidal thoughts. Could these be another manifestation of a long Covid symptom? … Read more