Autoimmune diseases – what are they and how does the immune system work?

Autoimmune diseases are conditions in which the body’s immune system attacks its own cells, tissues and organs, mistakenly recognizing them as foreign. The process can lead to inflammation, damage and dysfunction of various parts of the body. These conditions can be classified according to their target in the body, their clinical and immunological features, or … Read more

Diseases where the immune system attacks your body and doesn’t

According to studies, there are currently around 80 autoimmune diseases. They are actually the result of the immune system accidentally attacking the body instead of protecting it. Specialists say that the exact reason why the body behaves in this way is not yet known, but these diseases can affect many types of tissues and almost … Read more

VIB Spatial Catalyst makes spatial research more professional

ENGINEERINGNET.BE – Whether it concerns proteomics, nucleomics or metabolomics: Omics technologies have rapidly brought the life sciences into the 21st century. In recent years, the interactions between all these different research areas have increased considerably, resulting in a true omics revolution within the research area. Thanks to these interactions, researchers get a much more accurate … Read more

3 methods that help the immune system to fight infections

One cause that can lead to an increase in viral episodes is weak or insufficiently trained immunity. The body’s previous experience, following contact with pathogens, is essential for the body’s ability to defend itself. There are methods that help the immunity to cope with infections more easily, they are also useful for prevention, but also … Read more

The incidence of immune diseases is three times higher within half a year after the diagnosis of Wuhan pneumonia!Seek medical attention if you have “these” symptoms | Wuhan pneumonia | Novel coronavirus disease | COVID-19 | Sequelae | Autoimmune disease

[Voice of Hope May 18, 2023](Editor: Li Wenhan) Many people are diagnosedWuhan pneumonia(novel coronavirus disease,COVID-19), will pay special attention to whether the body hassequelae. In this regard, the Department of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology of Linkou Chang Gung shared an article on Facebook fans. A study published in the journal “eClinicalMedicine” in January this year … Read more

Shiga Prefecture has the lowest female cancer mortality rate in Japan!Professor Ri: Eating this food can activate immune cells

[Reported by Cai Jingqian]Cancer is a serious disease that both Taiwan and Japan are concerned about. With the increase in the cancer rate and the reduction of cancer mortality, “coexistence with cancer” has become an important issue. According to the statistics of the National Cancer Research Center of Japan, among the administrative regions of Japan, … Read more

Dysregulated immune response due to sleep deprivation increases Alzheimer’s protein in brain

In mice that sleep too little for a long time, the functioning of special immune cells in the brain, the so-called microglia, is disrupted. As a result, these cells are less able to clear away waste and the protein beta-amyloid clumps together between brain cells, something that also happens in Alzheimer’s disease. That’s according to … Read more