Thousands of insufficiently immunized students in Northeastern Ontario

The number of school suspensions for this reason would be three times higher than usual this year, according to Karly McGibbon, nurse for Public Health Sudbury. However, not all regional authorities grant suspensions. Others have chosen not to impose any this year. Many warnings Currently, more than 200 students are not attending face-to-face school in … Read more

4,928 Children in West Java Have Been Immunized with Diphtheria

The Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) reported that as many as 4,928 children in West Java Province had participated in the mass immunization program in order to prevent diphtheria. Illustration photo “As of March 4, 2023, the coverage of the Diphtheria Outbreak Immunization Response (ORI) was 4,928 people or 43.89 percent in West Java,” said … Read more

Polio PIN in Lhokseumawe, 37,535 Children Have Been Immunized

As of today Tuesday (27/12/2022), the number of children who have been immunized is 37,535 or 95.5 percent of the total target. Report by Saiful Bahri I Lhokseumawe SERAMBINEWS.COM, LHOKSEUMAWE – Polio National Immunization Sub Week (PIN) in Lhokseumawe, has started since last Monday (12/12/2022). The number of targets according to real data, as many … Read more

This is the impact if children are not immunized completely and on time

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – For the growth and development of children, immunization plays an important role because it can increase immunity active against a disease caused by viruses and bacteria. Launch is an investment health in the future to provide maximum body protection. Therefore, parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring that children get complete … Read more

After a Polio Case was Found, 1,000 Children in Pidie were Immunized – As many as 1,000 children began receiving polio immunization in Pidie District, Aceh, after the finding that the polio virus was infecting children in the area some time ago. The administration of mass polio immunization was centered on the Sigli City Square field. Attended by the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control … Read more

People over 80 years of age will begin to be immunized with the bivalent vaccine: Check the calendar here

The Ministry of Health (Minsal) announced that the people over 80 years old will be incorporated into the immunization process against COVID-19 with the bivalent vaccine. In this way, people over 80 years of age can be vaccinated from the Wednesday October 26. Read also: WHO maintains a health emergency due to COVID-19: “There is … Read more

More than 53,000 children were immunized against Covid-19 at the Vaccine Fair – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

More than 53,000 girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 11 were vaccinated against Covid-19 from September 20 to 26, during the Vaccine Fair carried out by the Welfare Secretariat. The inter-institutional coordinator of vaccination days in the state of Chihuahua, Hugo Lechuga, reported that in order for those who have not been … Read more

126 Thousand Children in Sidoarjo Have Been Immunized against Measles Rubella

SIDOARJO – The National Child Immunization Month (BIAN) which started in early August has now been extended. The measles and rubella immunization program will continue until September 13. Head of the Sidoarjo Health Service (Dinkes) Fenny Apridawati said the extension was in the context of accelerating the achievement of child immunization targets. As of September … Read more

Indramayu Health Office has immunized 98,581 children at BIAN 2022

Indramayu (ANTARA) – The Health Service (Dinkes) of Indramayu Regency, West Java, has immunized as many as 98,581 children in the 2022 National Child Immunization Month (BIAN). “The total number of children who have been immunized in the BIAN program has reached 98,581 from the target of 149,396 children,” said Head of Disease Control Prevention … Read more

Bogor District Health Office Targets 459 Thousand Toddlers to be Immunized in a Month –, BOGOR – The Health Office (Dinkes) targets 459,375 toddlers to take part in immunizations in the 2022 BIAN (National Child Immunization Month) in Bogor Regency. The Health Office also ensures that the vaccines given are safe for children on the 2022 BIAN agenda in Bogor Regency. Head of the Bogor Regency Health Office, Mike … Read more