In June, export and import of goods continued to grow rapidly – Economy, finance

photo; According to the data of the Central Statistics Office, in June 2022, the value of exports of goods in actual prices increased by 28.6% on an annual basis. In June, the value of goods imports grew at a slightly slower pace – by 20% year-on-year. The trade deficit in June was 10.4 percent. In … Read more

No more exceptions. In the EU, the ban on the import of Russian coal began to apply in full

Gas, oil, coal, lithium, gold. Russia is stealing territory full of raw materials from Ukraine today 03:30 In less than half a year, Russia has significantly expanded the territory it controls in Ukraine, it is already well over 20 percent, including almost the entire Luhansk region. However, the control of the east of the country … Read more

Why does Germany not extract its own gas, and import the Russian one? –

Much of the shortages we suffer from are not “physical” shortages, but are artfully caused by wrong political choices. It applies to the natural gas: we all have it at homeincluding Germans, but we don’t use it and that’s how we became victims of Putin’s blackmail. He himself, however, gave us a “little help” by … Read more

Bottom line: Import apps have given us back servants. Now the party is over

In the Pod čarou newsletter every Saturday, Matouš Hrdina describes social trends that we see all around us, but disappear a little between the lines in the influx of daily news. If the sample interests you, subscribe full version of the newsletter. The British newspaper Guardian recently published an extensive in cooperation with dozens of … Read more

EU bans import of gold and jewelery from Russia | NOW

The EU has reached an agreement on new sanctions against Russia. It means, among other things, that European countries are no longer allowed to import Russian gold. The import of gold jewelry is also no longer allowed. Gold exports are an important source of income for Russia. The EU hopes the sanctions will ensure that … Read more

Private individuals will be limited in their ability to import excise goods from Russia and Belarus

Saeima on Thursday, July 14, the final reading adopted amendments to the law on excise tax, which will limit the possibilities of individuals from of Russia and Belarus import goods such as alcohol, cigarettes and fuel. Content will continue after the ad Advertising As explained in the annotation of the law, the Value Added Tax … Read more

In May, the export and import of goods continued to grow rapidly on an annual basis – Economy, finance

photo; According to the data of the Central Statistics Office, in May 2022, the value of exports of goods in actual prices increased by 36.5% on an annual basis. In May, the value of goods imports grew faster – by 42.5%. The trade deficit in May was 15.6 percent. In May, the annual average … Read more

The Russian equivalent of McDonald’s has arrived with fries: they don’t have their own, and they can’t import them

The BBC writes that the American fast food giant McDonald’s sold its restaurants to a Russian businessman, and in June several outlets reopened, only under the new name “Vkusno i Točka”, which means “tasty and point”. But a month after opening, one of the main menu items is missing. “Country Fries” – Thicker-cut traditional French … Read more

Bills, in the final text of the anti-price increase decree, the new tax on the extra-profits of companies that import gas disappears

Disappears new tax on extra profits of the importers of gas. In the final version of the bill cuts decree approved Thursday by the Draghi government and published in the evening in Official Journal Article 5 from the drafts that entered the Council of Ministers was deleted. What he was asking from companies with multi-year … Read more