The TRUTH of the ANTI Clara Chía clause, which Shakira imposed on Gerard Piqué to AWAY his children

the meeting they had Shakira y Gerard Piqué in the courts of Barcelona to sign the separation agreement, has been the topic of conversation in the media and social networks. The celebrities saw each other for the last time to formalize the agreement for the custody of their sons However, what stole the attention of … Read more

Social protection is required before more taxes are imposed

1 – December – 2022 Vice President of the Industrialists Association Ziyad Bakdash The Vice-President of the Association of Industrialists, Ziyad Bakdash, announced that before imposing more taxes, social protection is required. Today, Lebanon officially entered a new tax stage, with the start of adopting the customs dollar on the basis of 15 thousand pounds … Read more

The humiliating CONDITION that Shakira imposed on Gerard Piqué that defines the FUTURE with his children

It’s been about a fortnight since Shakira y Gerard Piqué met to reach an agreement for the custody of their little ones, since then the ex-couple has not had any contact except for the time they met again by chance at the baseball game in Milan and which was full of controversy, with an alleged … Read more

Why the Electoral Court of Brazil accused Bolsonaro’s party of “bad faith” and imposed a million-dollar fine

Writing BBC News World 23 November 2022 Updated November 24, 2022 image source, AFP Caption, Jair Bolsonaro lost the recent elections by two percentage points. The Superior Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE) rejected the demand filed by the far-right party of Jair Bolsonaro to annul the results of the last presidential elections. Outgoing President Bolsonaro’s … Read more